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  • Охота в Пакистане

    Охота в Пакистане

  • Российский кубок горного охотника

    Российский кубок горного охотника

  • Призы "Бараны мира", "Козлы мира"

    Новые призы КГО

  • Раз, два, три…

    Раз, два, три…

  • Охота в Пакистане Алексей Павлов, «Профи Хант»
  • Российский кубок горного охотника КГО
  • Новые призы КГО КГО
  • Раз, два, три…




Macedonia is trying to become “a great hunting country” treading on the heels of Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Owners of the hunting territories bring some foreign game, breed it and offer to hunters some new trophies in the Old World. As another option, the owners register feral goats and ...
Alexander Egorov


I hunted Siberian Ibex in north-western Mongolia with the participation of “Stalker-group” and local outfitter BT&T. We lived in a base camp which consisted of several yurts that safely covered us when it was snowing with rain and the wind was 12 m/s. The hunt itself took twenty-four hours. During the ...
Konstantin Popov


The result of my thirtieth mountain hunt in Tajikistan had been a ram with 71 and 72 inches horns (256 scores in SCI terms). The SCI record committee declared it a new world champion. As usual, the hunt was organized with the help and support of a good friend of mine ...
Hussein Golabchi