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Sponsors of the Club of Mountain Hunters

Platinum level
Bendersky Eduard
Borodulin Mikhail
Doncov Igor
Egorov Alexander
Kim Aleksey
Kulinkin Nikolay
Magidov Sergey
Mazurkevich Sergey
Molchanov Artem
Reznik Vladislav
Frank Gleb
Shirokov Evgeniy

Gold level
Gubin Pavel
Yastrzhembsky Sergey

Silver level
Palko Leonid
Saakov Vyacheslav

Bronze level
Achapovsky Vasiliy
Volochkovich Sergey
Kim Viktor
Kononvich Voitex
Puzankevich Sergey

Everybody who loves mountain hunts and has registered on the site will become the Club members.

The membership in the club gives you the right

- To have the access to the full functionality of the club's website,
- To make personal account (PC) on the site,
- To use site’s forums, all topics,
- To publish the reports and articles,
- To take part in the ratings programs of the Club,
- To take part in the Club’s projects according the projects’ rules.

Each club’s member can become the sponsor and make a one-time payment to the Fund for the development of mountain hunting. There are four levels of sponsorship according the sum of the payment.

Platinum Level

Golden Level

Silver Level

Bronze Level

The Presidium of the CMH.

The decision about the admission to the Presidium is taken on the bureau meeting which takes place during the month after the payment has come to the Fund’s account.

The list of bonuses, benefits and opportunities is different and depends on the sponsorship’s level.

The Fund’s revenue is directed to popularization and development of the mountain’s hunts which are the most sporty kind of hunting.
We support the scientific researches which help to save the mountains species and explore their biology, morphology and systematics.
We promote the principals of fair hunting based on the unconditional compliance with the rules of hunting, hunting ethics and culture.
We advocate for the reasonable principals of usage the natural’s resources.