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Russian Super Slam

The Club of Mountain Hunters has established the special award due to populate the ideas of the right trophy hunts in Russia  
«Russian Super Slam»
for the great achievements in getting hunting trophies inhabitating in Russia.


The Trophy Commission of the CMH makes the final decision about nominates. The structure of the commission and its operating procedures are regulated by the inner acts of the CMH.  

The nominees of the award can be the Club Members who are registered on the Club site, has send the needed application with the confirmation of getting the needed number of trophies ( icnl. date, place of hunt, picture of the trophy made on the place). The number of the trophies is defined by Club's rules.  

The trophy has to be taken strictly by the nominee with in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, in compliance with the current hunting rules and regulations. The hunter has to follow the hunting ethics which is accepted in the animal's habitat.  

Let’s review the situation when there are the restriction for getting one of the trophies mentioned in the club trophy list but the hunter has such trophy in the collection. He can add it to the application if the trophy has been taken before the introduction of the restrictions or has been got by the special permit, given by authority which give him the right to hunt it.  

The Trophy Commission has the right to ask for a additional information concerning the hunt legality. 

All detailed information concerning the Award levels has been published on the official site of the Club. We advice you to study the information to define the suited level before sending the application.

Procedure for submitting an application:
- the nominee fills the Application Form for Russian Super Slam, it can find it on the Club site. He has to specify the date and the place of getting each trophy, to add pictures and copies of special permits, if necessary;
- the Application with the attachments is send to the Trophy Commission. 

There are 35 trophy animals in the approved list, they all are divided into 15 sections.
The prize Russian Super Slam is awarded for getting all 35 species. 

There are two intermediate levels of the Prize.
The Prize “Russian Super 15” for getting 15 trophies from the list, one from each section.  
The next level is “Russian Super 30” for taking 30 animals. The hunters is awarded it after getting “Russian Super 15”.

The Commission examines the material at a time.  
In case of the positive decision the Commission hands the Certificate, which confirms the compliance with the requirements. The information is published on the site in the “Hall of Glory” section and it allows the nominee to order the corresponding prize.  
The awarding procedure takes place on the Club meetings in the celebratory fashion.
All nominees informations is published on the web site of the Club and in “The Magic of Real Safari” magazine in accordance with the requirements to Federal law #152-FL “About personal data”. The names and pictures of the hunters ( or their trophies) can be published in the annual hunting calendar or in our periodical printed editions with the requirements to Federal law #152-FL “About personal data”.

The Regulation about the award “Russian Super Slam”   

The Statement “ Russian Super Slam”