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Manual to Taking Genetic Samples

Manual to taking samples for the genetic research of ungulates
  1. Wash a knife blade with clean water and wipe with ethanol or vodka
  2. Do not touch the blade with hands or any other objects
  3. Take the carcass, head or tongue
  4. Make the cut in external layer of muscle tissues and cut out a pea-size (1-3 gram) piece of meat from inside the muscle
  5. With the knife only, not touching the sample with hands, put the meat inside the tube with ethanol
  6. Close the tube and attach the label with the following information:
    • Species
    • Date of shooting
    • Municipal district and federative subject for Russia. As detailed as possible locality description for all the other countries
    • Sex and age of an animal
    • Collector’s name
    • GPS coordinates of the shooting place, if possible
    • Make photos of the trophy from different angles
With any questions concerning sampling and the analysis please contact Alexander Gomonov, phone: +7 (915) 135-76-35, e-mail: