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The revival of the Caucasian Chamois and Bezoar goats population

pitomnik The Club is going to implement the project of building the hatchery for breeding Caucasian Chamois and Bezoar goats and to release them into the wild.
goat All-Russian Research Institute of Environmental Protection “Ecology” (Federal state budgetary institution) did a great job and prepared the scientific program by the Bezoar Goat.
The program for Caucasian chamois was developed together with the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and Federal state budgetary institution "Federal center for hunting development" of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation.
building LLC “DeerLand” has already developed the project of the hatchery in accordance with the highest international standards. This company, as the contractor of the project, provides the entire complex of preparatory and construction works.
Federal state budgetary institution "Nalchinsky state experimental hunting farm" (Kabardino-Balkaria) has provided 50 ha where the hatchery will be built and will engage in further work support.
  The project is realized on the Club member’s donation. We ask you, due to the available opportunities, to support the project and to join it as a sponsor.
  Contribution amount, rub.
Frank Gleb 1 000 000,00
Mazurkevich Sergey 2 000 000,00
Reznik Vladislav 5 000 000,00
Molchanov Artem 2 500 000,00
Kim Aleksey 2 000 000,00
Bendersky Eduard 5 000 000,00
Doncov Igor 2 500 000,00
Borodulin Mikhail 4 000 000,00
Shirokov Evgeniy 2 000 000,00
Magidov Sergey 5 000 000,00
Gubin Pavel 500 000,00
Egorov Alexander 5 000 000,00
Kulinkin Nikolay 1 500 000,00
Yastrzhembsky Sergey 508 230,00