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Dear readers, to subscribe to the magazine for the 2015, please follow the procedures below:
  • download and print the subscription coupon
  • cut it out by the cutting line or make a copy of it
  • fill down your last name, first name, zip code, the address at which you’re going to receive hard copies of the magazine, provide the phone number if available
  • the “payment description” field should be filled with data on subscription period or with the numbers of magazine issues of the last years. In the field “amount” please insert the correct numbers: 1 – is for one subscription for one person, 3 – is for three subscriptions for you and your friends to one address and the corresponding number of magazine issues
  • to the field “Sum” write 1990 rub. 00 kop. if it is one subscription for yourself and 4270 rub. 00 kop. if there are three subscriptions for you and your friends. Specify the price of the issues ordered
  • head to the nearest office of any bank or the “Russian Post” office and pay the check (coupon). Put the paid copy of coupon into envelope and send to: 125212, Moscow, Golovinskoye shosse str., b.1, Private limited company (OOO) “The magic of real SAFARI”.
  • if you have any questions, please call the editorial office +7 (495) 956-24-42 and ask subscription manager
  • those who live outside Russia have to follow the same procedures and send us the paid coupon (or its copy) by mail

if received in the editorial 1499 rub.
for Russia-based readers
(1 журнал)
1990 rub.
for Russia-based readers
(3 magazines to one address)
4270 rub.

The subscription and purchase prices for the readers outside Russia are subjected to regular changes due to postage fares changes in corresponding countries. Call the editorial office to check this out


2003-2014 (for Russia)

if received in editorial office 120 rub.
if sent by first-class letter 230 rub.

if received in editorial office 90 rub.
if sent by first-class letter 200 rub.