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Hunting for Kamchatka snow sheep

The hunting land: Kamchatka, Valaginksy ridge. Hunting was organized in Milkovo region on the heights from 1600 to 1800masl. It was hard though took place not on the extreme altitude. I’d lost about six kg but was not upset. The shooting distance was more than 300m. I got a nice trophy of Kamchatka snow sheep, It was elder than 16 years old. The broken nails and bleeding hands will remind me about that hard but emotional hunt. The trip was organized by the EVENTUS company.

Hunting for a Amur bear

Российский Супер Кубок


My hunt for the Balkan chamois in North Macedonia was finished earlier than planned, and we decided to use time, we had, and get one more trophy of the European mouflon. The hunt was organized by Anton Tonchev in 200 km from the previous place. In early morning we left the base and went for hunting. I got the trophy in the first part of the day. The shooting distance was 150m. My personal thanks to Mr. Anton Tonchev for his great hospitality and interesting stories about hunting in different part of the world.


Russian Super Slam
Российский Супер Кубок

Mid Asian ibex hunt in Uzbekistan

I got a nice trophy of 12 years old ibex male. The length of horns are 127sm. The shooting distance was 450m. The hunt was organized on the high level.

Hunting for a bighorn.

I used the chance and took part in hunting for a Desert Bighorn Sheep. The hunting was organized on the Isla del Carmen island, which is protected by the Loreto Bay National Park, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List "Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California" .That hunting was organized in the frames of the program, aimed to restore the sheep population on the island. I got a nice trophy.Thank you very much to the Stalker group company and personally to Evgeny Kharitonov for their help and support in that expedition.

Hunting for a Siberian Ibex

At the end of November, I hunted in Tyva near the border with Mongolia. In the first hunting day we climbed 2800 meters and detected the group of ibexes. It consisted of males and females with babies. The wind with the gusts blew down along the gorge and I resolved to approach the animals from above. I had to go up for 1,5 km along the spring and then to ascend the herd level. The animals moved to the side while I was climbing but my guide told me about it by radio. The ibexes had hidden in the hollow and the guide couldn't explain where they were. I had nothing to do but to move slowly toward them by the loose slope. Fortunately, they laid for rest in one of the hollows on the slope and I could approach them 150 meters. The trophy was got by the first shot. I fired to the running aim on the height of 2429 masl. The rifle Blaser, cal. 300 WIN MAG. The local ibexes have very interesting light color.    Next day we decided to move to the valley and to hunt for wolves. We checked the tracks and defined where a couple of predators and a lonely one dwelled. We fenced the wolve’s area by fladry but they could escape. After a short discussion we agreed to try once again next day but later in the evening the local herder wounded one of the wolves when they attacked the young bull and the animals moved to Mongolia and crossed the border.     In a day the guides told me that detected the group of seven boars. We resolved to hunt them. It was calm and frost, about minus 20C. I had stood on the place for about two hours when heard the crunch of breaking twigs. Then the boar stopped for a moment and then ran. I got it by the second shot though I seriously wounded it by the first one. My trophy became 4 years old sow. The others turned around in the corral and moved to the opposite direction.    The thickets of local acacia are impassable to humans but the boars and wolves feel well there.   Thank you very much to the IRBISH company and my personal thanks to Oleg Shakhov, Vladimir Lykynchuk and Vladimir Mongush for the organization of this trip.

France, January 2021

France. Going for a hunt in this year I wanted to choose the country where could get several trophies during one trip. It’s problematic to travel now that’s why I've selected France where could hunt for three different species for my “Capra World Slam” collection: Vercors Chamois, Pyrenean Chamois и Chartreuse Chamois. It was the first time when I’d found the outfitter in the Internet. He had lots of positive feedbacks and I didn't doubt in success. I wrote to Jean-Francois Picheyre and we discussed my hunting for Vercors Chamois и Pyrenean Chamois. When I was ready to sign the contract the outfitter told me about the chance to get the exclusive trophy of Chartreuse chamois. One of the Poland hunters canceled his trip because of the covid risks. The beginning of the trip was not promising. I arrived to Lion but my weapon left in Paris. Jean-Francois handled everything and next morning I tested the rifle, given me by the local guide and moved to the Chartreuse mountains. I could hardly expect that it’d be so hard. The thickness of the snow cover was 80 centimeters. It took us four hours to reach the place, all way we went bogging down deep snow. Soon we detected the group of animals but the problem was that if the trophy didn’t fall down after shooting we wouldn’t climb to the place where it was and needed call the climber with the special equipment. But the climber could be there only next day. There was a cabin where we could make fire and warm. It was snowing hard, and a cold, bone-chilling wind was blowing. We discussed all variants and came to the conclusion to stay in the cabin for a night and to continue hunting in early morning if I was not sure that could make an accurate shot and we get to the trophy easily. Before a sunset we did a short outing near the cabin. We were lucky to find the good size trophy in the place which suited us. I shot and it fell down as we hoped. The shot was done from 90 meter distance at angle 30 degrees. I was really happy because Chartreuse chamois was an exclusive trophy. We descended when it was totally dark. That time the tradition was born: we always drank a bottle of champagne near the trophy. Vercors Chamois. Next day the transport service of the Lion airport delivered my rifle. Jean - Francois and I went for a Vercors chamois hunting. That night we spent in the historical house, built in 1688 and located near the foot of the mountains. After arrival we tested guns and met the local guide. Next morning he should lead us to the mountains and help to find the trophy. He was the former soldier of the French mountain special forces. The guy was elder than me but more energetic and endurance. It was dark when we left. We rode where it was possible, then left the car and went on foot. I was embarrassed that the guy who was elder made a trail in snow for me to keep up. I was struck by the abundance of snow. The weather on the mountain plateau was really hard: if it was rain in the valley where we came from, a piercing wind was blowing and the blizzard did not stop on the top. We put on crampons to be safe. Bad weather was interfering to the hunt but soon we spotted two chamois in 200m from us. My Blaser, I used many times, failed me first time. All moving parts of the carbine had been frozen and I couldn’t make any shot. We decided to go down. We were descending when I lost the balance, fell and slide down about 200m on the back where the rifle was. Next day we went to the mountains once again and I forgot to check the weapon. The weather was fine. Soon we detected the group of chamois, not far from us. I did three shot and missed them all. Something was wrong with the gun because of my yesterday's descent. We came back without the trophy once again. I was fully upset how we spent the day. The weather forecast for the next two days didn't look optimistic and we resolved to drive 6 hours and to Pyrenees and would come back when it was better. Near the Pyrenees mountains we made a stop to check and test the rifle. We spent almost on the hunting ground. The local hunters gave us a warm welcome with local delicacies and the best drinks in a day before hunting for a Pyrenean chamois. In early mornig we left the camp and went to the mountains. After 3 hours’ hike Jean- Francois noticed the good size male. I got it from the first shot and 185m distance. It was 11 years old male of Pyrenean chamois. That hunt was the easiest among all three. I was impressed by the views of surroundings and could even see the Mediterrian sea when we stood on the top. The mountain peaks around us were covered by snow when the temperature in the valley was 18 degrees or even higher. When the hunt was over we went down, packed our bags and drove back to the Vercor mountains. The forecast promised good weather and we decided to sleep in the place where we had been before. In early morning Jean -Francois, I and our guide moved to the mountains to try once again. Vercor: The weather was fine but a faint breeze was blowing. I put on the cover on the rifle to avoid all accidents. I noticed the track of the snow avalanche on the slopes where we were afraid to climb few days ago. It broke lots of trees. We were having lunch when noticed the good size chamois. The shot was done from 195 meter distance at angle 35 degrees. Thus, I got the desired trophy of Vercors chamois. The third attempt was successful. I was exhilarated because had cancelled the return tickets and decided to stay there until didn’t get all three trophies. The most difficult place in that trip was Rona-Alpine in the Vercor mountains. Jean-Francois Picheyre did his best. The hunting and the traditional reception were on top. I can write the article about French cuisine. It was not matter where we stayed for a night. The dinner consisted of several delicious dishes each time. Food culture is extremely important for the French, forming an integral and valuable part of their lives.

Beyond the sheep, to the Pamirs.

It happened in the beginning of December when Maxim Vorobiev (the owner of the Hunt PRO company), my wife Angela and I flew to Tajikistan through Istanbul. It was an early morning when we arrived to Dushanbe and drove to Khorog. We traveled in the first car and the other three hunters for Marco Polo from USA drove in another. The way in 620 km took us the whole day. It was the evening when we arrived to Khorog and accommodated in the hotel. Next morning Shaudi took us and we drove to the hunting base “Hot spring”. The outfitters Atabek and Zafar told us that they did reconnaissance before our arrival and we would go for hunting after a lunch. At noon we arrived to the place, tested guns, had lunch and drove to the mountains. We managed to drive by car to the group of sheep. The guides from the second car were following our trophy size Matison sheep. We came from above at a distance of 457 m and I got a shot. I hit it. The male went five meters and fell down. We were so happy to get the trophy of Matison sheep in the first day. It was my 22nd sheep according OVIS classification!  All next days we were looking for a Marco Polo. I saw many but none of them was worthy to be a trophy.  Day #4. Snow went from the morning and we could hardly see anything. Suddenly the clouds lifted for a moment and we saw the group of sheep led by a good male  Our guide Kemat, Maxim and I began to ascend. We climbed the top and hiked several km by the ridge when the sheep could see us but thanks to the fog which covered everything we reached the place. We walked about three hours and reached the position. We thought the shooting distance would be about 500 m but after measuring it was 900 and there was no possibility to come closer. I decided to fire. The wind speed was 3 m/sec. I was ready to get a shot and Maxim switched on camera but we had to wait thirty minutes more while the male separated from the group. At last it turned and I fired. The distance at that moment was 915 meters. Marco Polo ran 5 meters and fell down. The altitude was 4500 masl. We were happy!  My special thanks to Kemat, Atabek, Zafar (Murgab company) and to Maxim Vorobiev “PRO” and to my wife Angela!

Wolf, Russian Grand Slam

My first wolf! Thank you very much to HIGH HUNT company which helps me to collect Russian Grand Slam. I hope to cooperate with you in future. Respectfully yours, Alexey Rigby
Российский Супер Кубок

Central Asian goat hunting in Tajikistan

The hunt was organized in the hunting ground belong to the Markhor company. The way from Dushanbe to the place, located on the NorthEast of Tajikistan took us seven hours. We spent the night in Dzhirgatal and moved to the mountains in early morning. We were going to the place where the locals noticed the group of goats before our arrival. The animals were detected in a half of an hour. There was a male, elder than 7 years old. I approached it 500m. It fell down after a shot. Unfortunately it slipped by snow and fell down into the deep gorge at the bottom of which the river flowed. After a short discussion we called a climber to help us to get the trophy. The outfitter had several more licenses and we continued to hunt. We saw several more herds of goat 30-60 animals in each. Next day we could come to the small group and I got 9 years old male. The shooting distance was 575m. the used rifle Accuracy AXMC 338 Lapua Mag. We went back to Dushanbe at the same day. Thank you very much to Tuichi Ikromov for the great hunt. The trip was organized on the high level in a very good place, all team was professional. My personal thanks to Evgeny Kharitonov and Stalker group company. PS The climber could took off the goat which felt into gorge, I got first, only when I was in Dushanbe.