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Hunting for the Mountain Goat of Timur Tleulin from Kazakhstan on August, 30th, 202

It was my first trophy. I took it from the first shot. The shooting distance was 548m and the altitude 2981masl. We spent two days hiking the mountains. The first day we checked the surroundings and the second one we spent looking for the males. At last we found the group of males and I got the biggest one.

First lyns, legally got with the bow in Russia

High Hunt company organized the first legal hunting with bow. The goal of our hunting was lynx. It took place on January 16th, 2021. We were not lucky with weather but thanks to the high professional skills of our guides could manage to get the trophy in the first hunting day.
Российский Супер Кубок

Hunting for the Siberian Ibex in Sayan

In October 2020, I hunted for the Siberian ibex. The hunt was organized on the territory belonged to LLC Ijir. The trip was organized on the high level and the animal’s density was more then enough. I got the trophy in the first day from 200 m shooting distance. The used rifle was Blazer WinMag 300, cart. 210 Berger. The taken ibex was 12 years male with the horns 101 and 98 cm. Thank you very much to my friend Sergey Razzhivin for his help in this trip organization.

Pamir ibex in Tajikistan.

Pamir Ibex. February 9, 2021. Hunting farm “Bars 2010”. Republic of Tajikistan Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region Murgabsky District Kumdy Gorge Mumen Tract. Shooting distance 286m at angle 26 degrees up and with the wind 0m\sec

Matisoni argali, Tajikistan

Argali Matissoni. February 7, 2021 Republic of Tajikistan Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region Murgabsky District Kumdy Gorge Mumen Tract. Shooting distance 690 m with the wind 2m\sec 

Tajikistan, February 2021

I hunted in Tajikistan from 7th to 13th February. The trip was organized by the Murgab company. We started our expedition from hunting for Bukhara urial in the Kulaybsky district. The density of animals’ population is high and hunting wasn’t hard. I shot from 200m at the angle 40 degrees down. On February 9 we moved to Pamir in Murgab. The Base camp was located on the height 4200 masl. At the first day I got the trophy of 10 years old ram of Marco Polo, 58,5 inches. The shooting distance was 465 m. All my guides were very professional and worked well.

Russian Grand Slam. Bear

Российский Супер Кубок


This fall I had to choose where to hunt among the countries with the lower risk to get infected with a coronavirus. Thus, I resolved to go to North Macedonia and to get the Balkan chamois. The outfitter, I chosen, had organized hunting trips for my friends before and the organization and accommodation were on the high level as I expected. We went for hunting on the next morning after my arrival. I was accompanied by the guide. The first males were detected in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we could approach them 600 meters only. A strong crosswind was blowing and I decided not to shoot. We went on and in an hour noticed one more lonely male. The shooting distance was 235m, at the angle 22 degrees. I did just one but accurate shot and got my trophy. The hunt was over in the first day. We saw several more groups of animals while descending to the base camp. The camp manager rated my trophy between Silver and Bronze. The we celebrated the successful hunting. Thank you very much to Novice Zecevic.- the director of local hunting company.

Mid-Caucasian Tur

The hunt was organized near the village Prielbruse, Karachaevo-Cherkessia on the height 2500 masl. The weather was fine. It was sunny and lots of snow. I shot from 520 m at 35 degrees angle.  The rifle was Tikka T3, cal. 300. I did the only but accurate shot to the male’s shoulder blade. My trophy became the worthy 11 years old male with 71cm horns.

Pakistan 2021

I hunted in Pakistan from 24th of January to February, 1st. We started from hunting for a Blue sheep near the town Sost. It took us three hours to fly by chopper  from Islamabad to Sost and then we drove to mountains. It was about 4 pm when we reached the place where stayed for a night. Next morning we left the camp and moved to another one looking for the animals while driving. The temperature at night dropped to -250C. It was cold in the cabin where we slept and I couldn’t relax. We went for hunting at 4.30 am and it was really cold yet. On the sunrise we saw the snow leopard’s tracks, not less then three of them. The guides said that it was a bad sign because sheep preferred to go away from such neighbors. At the sunset we managed to detect the group of sheep at the end of the gorge.  We had less than three daylight hours to approach them but we did it. I shot from 460m distance and up. My trophy became 11 years old male. It was dark when we came back to the camp. That day we walked more than 13 hours on the heights more than 4300masl. It was really tough. We spent three days in Sost and then moved to Chitral for hunting for a markhor. It took us just one day to get the trophy though we spent about 12 hours to look for a good one. We walked around the mountain massive several times hoping to find the animals. But all males, we met there were small, but the guides went on to assure us that there was a good one. We found it about 4 pm. One hour we climbed and it was a twilights when I could fire. The shooting distance was 539m at angle 41 degrees. The guides didn’t allow we to go to the trophy because were not sure that I could descend in the darkness. We carried it when it was night already but were happy in any case. Hunting there isn’t difficult because the density of  animal’s population is high but almost all of them are young.