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The Caucasian prize

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Trophies Kuban Tur (Capra severtzovi), taken in Russia

Trophies Kuban Tur (Capra severtzovi), taken in Russia
Date of hunt 19.08.2020
Region of hunt
Place of hunt
North-East of lake Arkhyz
Hunt difficulty Hard
I’ve booked hunting for a Kuban Tur through the “Safari-Valmir” company. In August 2020 I flew to Mineralnye vody. The driver waited us at the airport and  we drove to Arkhyz. The local guide waited for us there, then we reloaded the luggage and drove to the hunting base. Next morning, we climbed the mountains, went about 100 meters when detected the group of animals. My friend shot first and took the trophy from 209 meters distance. After the shot one of the males didn’t follow the others but ran to the gorge. We set the camp and decided to check that gorge from the opposite slope. It was the right decision because we spotted the male in 650 meters from us.  I crawled as long as I could and approached it 212 meters. I did the only one but accurate shot and got the trophy. It took us just one day to finish the hunt. Thank you very much to our outfitter for that excellent and shot hunting on the Caucasus.