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Trophies Balkan chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica)

Trophies Balkan chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica)
Date of hunt 10.10.2020
North Macedonia
Region of hunt
Place of hunt
Makedonski Brod
Andres Lillemäe and " JPU ZPP JASSEN"
Hunt difficulty Average difficulty
This fall I had to choose where to hunt among the countries with the lower risk to get infected with a coronavirus. Thus, I resolved to go to North Macedonia and to get the Balkan chamois. The outfitter, I chosen, had organized hunting trips for my friends before and the organization and accommodation were on the high level as I expected. We went for hunting on the next morning after my arrival. I was accompanied by the guide. The first males were detected in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we could approach them 600 meters only. A strong crosswind was blowing and I decided not to shoot. We went on and in an hour noticed one more lonely male. The shooting distance was 235m, at the angle 22 degrees. I did just one but accurate shot and got my trophy. The hunt was over in the first day. We saw several more groups of animals while descending to the base camp. The camp manager rated my trophy between Silver and Bronze. The we celebrated the successful hunting. Thank you very much to Novice Zecevic.- the director of local hunting company.