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Hunt for Kamchatka Snow Sheep


Trophies Kamchatkan Snow Sheep (Ovis nivicola nivicola)

Trophies Kamchatkan Snow Sheep (Ovis nivicola nivicola)
Date of hunt 26.09.2006
Region of hunt
Alexey Kulakov
Hunt difficulty Average difficulty
I hunted for Kamchatka Snow Sheep two times. The first hunt was organized by Alexey Kulakov (local outfitter) near the Icha River. I got acquaintance with him in September, 2005 on the bear hunt. He is the professional and efficient man who managed to gather a good team of guides ( Pashka and Genka) and the camp’s staff. That’ why I decided to come to Kamchatka in a year and try my hunting luck in the snow sheep hunt. The second attempt was in 2011 but as you could see in my video report we found just young male and I decided not to shoot. It’s one of the main rules of the mature hunter to make only meaningful shot to the desired trophy. Nevertheless, I got great pleasure communicating with the local guide Igor and being in the mountains.

Let’s come back to the hunt 2006. I shared the camp with Sasha and Konstantin and we went to the mountains together. In the first day we hiked a little and made the reconnaissance, detected some females in the mountain massif where would go on to hunt next day.
Next day I spotted two males on the slope and we tried to approach them but they put such position that we could crawl to the animals just to 540m. We made the decision to fire with Konstantin at the same time to different aims and asked Sasha by radio, who was behind us, to stand up. The sheep would see him and stand from the bed what was more comfortable for shooting. We both calculated the shot and simultaneously fired. My sheep ran to the right, Konstantin's to the left. But we both missed the first shot. I stopped my trophy by the second one and the guide told me about hitting. I made 6-8 shots more, (can’t say the correct number), but the last one I did at a great angle at a distance of not less than 600 meters and clearly hit the back of the trunk, the sheep noticeably sat down. I didn’t have cartridges and I and the guide followed the wounded sheep without the gun. We easily found the bloody track and followed it. The sheep was found behind the ridge. I hit it 5 times but it still stand. We tired the knife to the stick and stab it to the heart. It fell and rolled down. It was my first trophy of the sheep which I got from such distance and took by such unusual way. The sheep had tasty meat which we kept in the mountain river at a temperature of five degrees.