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Отчеты охотников

Дагестанский Тур

Долгожданный трофей ! Повезло в первый же день охоты. Дистанция 220м. Огромное спасибо местным ребятам !


I got my trophy at the end of November and it was really tough. It was freezing but everybody worked well and everything was super!

Mid-Caucasian Tur

The hunt was organized near the village Prielbruse, Karachaevo-Cherkessia on the height 2500 masl. The weather was fine. It was sunny and lots of snow. I shot from 520 m at 35 degrees angle.  The rifle was Tikka T3, cal. 300. I did the only but accurate shot to the male’s shoulder blade. My trophy became the worthy 11 years old male with 71cm horns.

Hunting for a Dagestani tur in Chechnya

From 2018 hunting in Chechnay is opened once again. The Minister of the Natural resources of Chechnay  Said-Magomed Temirkhanova and a famous hunter Shirvani Khizrieva invited me for hunting. At the end of November, I arrived to Grozny.  The hunt was organized in Sharoy district on the border with Georgia. The Caucasus mountains tested hunters for strength as always. The animal’s population density is high there. We saw group of animals in each gorge which inspected during the hunt. That area is the habitat for the Caucasus Brown bear and Caucasian Chamois and Bezoar ibex, listed in the Regional and Federal Red Book of rare species. We climbed 2750 m and approached the animals from above. I shot from 480 m and wounded the male. The second shot form 280 m finished what I started.

Hunting in Kabardino-Balkaria

It was my first visit to KBR and I was impressed by mountains there. We were lucky with weather, there was not any cloud on the sky while we were hunting. The hunt took one day. I shot from 350 m distance. Thank you very much to Sergey Razhivin for the organization and to the local guide for his professionalism.

Another Ossetian trophy

I’ve got my trophy of Chamois in the mid of November in the North Ossetia. I could do it earlier because had the license but it was always rain and the only chance appeared in the end the fall.  Hunting was easy. The used cal. 300WinMag. The trophy was taken from 263 m distance.  Thank you very much to Tsara Sozanov and Kazbek Karaev for the organization and my personal thanks to my guide Valery who did it so successful.

Okhotsk Snow Sheep

I"ve got my trophy on the fifth hunting day from 450 m. The altitude was 1500 masl. 

Koryak Snow Sheep

I've got my trophy in the first hunting day. The shooting distance was 320 m, the altitude 1600 masl. Complex transport scheme. 

European Red Deer

Российский Супер Кубок