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Appeal to the Club Members

Appeal to the Club Members
Dear Club Members!

The Club of Mountain Hunter is the Fund by its form and its goal is to support the scientific programs, aimed to study mountains ungulates. Our mission is to save and to improve the population of the hunting animals.

Few years ago we supported the translation and the publication in Russian two-volume Atlas with the detailed information about hundreds of species, inhabitant in the mountains. The Club’s members together with the Institute of Animal Husbandry actively collect the samples of biological material to continue the scientific work to clarify of the gene pool of wild goats and sheep and heir biological classification.

We are going to implement the project which will help to reproduce the population of the Bezoar goat and Caucasian chamois in the North Caucasus mountains. We plan to build the hatchery for breeding these species. All-Russian Research Institute of Environmental Protection “Ecology” (Federal state budgetary institution) did a great job and prepared the scientific program by the Bezoar Goat. The program for Caucasian chamois was developed together with the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and Federal state budgetary institution "Federal center for hunting development" of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation.

LLC “DeerLand” has already developed the project of the hatchery in accordance with the highest international standards. This company, as the contractor of the project, provides the entire complex of preparatory and construction works.

Federal state budgetary institution "Nalchinsky state experimental hunting farm "(Kabardino-Balkaria) has provided 50 ha where the hatchery will be built and will engage in further work support.

The Club signed trilateral agreement with FSBI "Nalchinsky” and LLC “DeerLand”. and is responsible for the financial support. The project will help to create the methods of methods of trapping, keeping and breeding wild mountain ungulates to release them into the wildlife and replenish the population.

The budget of the project is about 45 million.

We ask you, due to the available opportunities, to support the project and to join it as a sponsor.

Details for the transfer of funds are attached to this letter.

Respectfully yours,
The President of the Club of Mountain Hunters. Edward Bendersky

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