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Results of the meeting of the Trophy Commission of the Mountain Hunters Club

Results of the meeting of the Trophy Commission of the Mountain Hunters Club
Results of Trophy commission meeting.

Dear Members of the Club of Mountain Hunters!

The regular meeting of the Trophy commission of the CMH took place on February 9. A number of important decisions were made at the meeting.

We need to remind that the rules for trophy registration have been changed. All applications (reports) have to be approved by the Trophy Commission. The filling accuracy of the report is of great importance. We ask you to pay attention to the following things:

1. It's necessary to verify the future hunting location with the with the club's requirements for the hunting region of this species. Will you pay attention to the to morphological features of the trophy that are obligatory for some species.

2. We draw attention to the need:

a) To fill accuracy all info concerning the region and place of the hunt  
Administrative units concern to the hunting location are regions, republics, states, provinces.

The place where the trophy has been got includes geographic points - a gorge, a mountain range, the upper reaches of the river, the nearest village / village.

b) To provide the high-quality pictures of trophies from the place where it has been got.

3. We should notify you that the Club commission reserves the right to connect with the legal unity or individuals, mentioned in the reports as the hunting outfitter, to clarify the details of the hunt or to ask for the hunting permit/license copy. The commission can refuse to register the trophy if there are not the necessary docs. Particular attention is paid to the species taken at an unspecified time or in countries / regions where hunting is not carried out on a regular basis. The hunting license is the mandatory requirement in such case.

4. The species included in the Red Book of Rare species of the Russian Federation and the other regions of the Russian Federation at the time when they have been hunted are not accepted for registration.

All other reports, published before, have been checked by the Trophy Commission for compliance with these requirements. The Trophy Commission will send individual information letters to those Club members, in whose report’s inconsistencies have been identified. We kindly ask you to bear with them and to make any necessary adjustments to the reports.

If the changes influence the ratings of the hunter and his trophy awards, we'd provide him the opportunity to hunt that trophy once again in the next three years.

Taking into account that hunting with a bow and a crossbow is legally allowed in Russia and in order to popularize this type of hunting, the Club considers it necessary to highlight a trophy got with a bow or crossbow with a special sign. In addition, the rating points for those trophies will be rated with a coefficient of 2.