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Statute about the prizes

of the Club of Mountain Hunters 

For the development and popularization of the proper trophy hunt, special prizes for the achievements in hunt on the mountain species of the hunting animals are established by the Club of the Mountain Hunters.

Nominees for the award by the Prize of CMH should be members of the Club, registered on the site of KMH.

The trophies of the hunting animals – males (females of exclusive particular species: Chamois and American Mountain Goat) without any age limitations – (taken one by one or simultaneously), taken personally by a nominee according to the actual hunting rules at the areas of natural areas of their inhabitance.

A special nomination “Russian mountain photo trophy” is established for the trophy species of the mountain animals, included in to the rating lists of the Club and those, which are prohibited for the hunt by the international or national laws for the protection and population recovery of the particular species. Photo trophies, registered according to the Statute about the registration of the photo trophy, are allowed to this nomination. Besides that, these species may be included in to the rating tables as a photo trophy, but in the “Super 60” rating.

Detailed information about the Prizes and their levels is present on the official site of CMH. Each potential nominee defines the abilities to make an application for the proper level of the particular Prize by himself according to the present information.

Order of the application by a nominee:

-       Register the trophy on the CMH site according to the required rating form in the profile including report and photo publication.

-       When the nominee prize achieves some level, he   must send the form of the application to the administration of the Club.

-       Photos of the animals under the Nature conditions should be uploaded in to the report form within profile if photo trophy is registered.

All the materials are considered by the Trophy commission, when received.

In case of the positive decision of the Trophy commission of the CMH, nominee receives the Sertificate, which confirms the award by the particular Prize.

The Certificate gives the right to order the plaquette and the Prize, according to the particular reward. The cost and detailed description of plaquette and the Prize are given on the official site of CMH.

The rewarding takes place on the Club meetings in the ceremonial atmosphere.

Information about the participans of the nominations is given on the site of CMH according to the requirements of the Federal law №152-ФЗ “About the personal data” Names and photos of the hunters (and their trophies) may be included in to the Book of trophies of CMH and published on the pages of the annual hunting calendar and in the periodic issues according to the requirements of the Federal law №152-ФЗ “About the personal data”.

Download the original of the Statute about the prizes of the Club of the Mountain Hunters

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