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The Club of Mountain Hunters

Dear friends!

Welcome to the official page of the first Russian Club of Mountain Hunters! The name of our Club speaks for itself. Despite the fact that our community consists of very different people, we are all united by love to mountains, hunting and travel. Both the number of people sharing our passion with each year and at the same time the urgency for creating a convenient and useful site for conversation between us has been growing. If you also share our values, or you are only going to join the hunting in its loftiest sense – welcome to our Club!

The Club of Mountain Hunters strictly promotes trophy hunting of wild mount-dwelling ungulates (sheep, goats, chamois, ibexes, tahr) provided that it fully meets all the legislative regulations of the country it takes place in and follows ethical principles of fair trophy hunt.

The Club of Mountain Hunters is a nonprofit organization.


The Club of Mountain Hunters sets a considerable range of tasks for the Club itself and for all of its members aimed at development, promotion and lobby for the main goals of the Club itself as well as for the benefit of particular members:

- the popularization of the mountain hunting and to raise its cultural level in Russia;
- the popularization of the principles of fair chase and fair hunt based on absolute compliance with the hunting rules, hunters’ ethic and culture as well as the principles of rational and sustainable use of game resources;
- the information and education, as well as researching activity in this field.
- the organization and support of the events aimed at studying and reserving the populations of wild hoofed animals;
- establishing a united community of Russian-speaking mountain hunters;
- the creation of a single Russian-speaking community of mountain hunters;
- the search and systematization of the information that is of interest to Club members;
- the cultural and education activities in the sphere of nature conservation;
- establishing, extending and strengthening of ties with hunters’ clubs, societies and other equivalent organizations (including foreign ones) in order to conduct joint;
- the provision of the necessary assistance to Club members related to mountain hunting and trophies as well as information support;
- the registration of wildlife mountain trophies by Club members, including those taken in Grand Slam Club/ Ovis and Safari Club International clubs, keeping statistic accounts;
- the sharing of experience with foreign organizations or single citizens interested in mountain hunting and other kinds of trophy hunting;
- the assistance the Club members in organizing mountain hunting tours;
- the organization of the conferences, seminars, competitions, auctions and other events.