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Russian Mountain Hunting Award

Магия настоящего САФАРИ
Russian Mountain Hunting Award
Russian Mountain Hunting Award
Three years ago the Club of Mountain Hunters established Russian Mountain Hunting Award (RMHA). It’s awarded by getting 13 species and subspecies which inhabit in Russia. Eight people, from three countries- Russia, Belarus and USA became the winners.

Two years ago we wrote about the prize and its history but the number of our readers and club members increased that’s why we decided to remind about this marvelous prize. This piece of art has the traditional form of Russian Ladle, made from crystal and decorated with silver-plated bronze. The metallic decoration is made in the form of rocks with the ram on the one side and the hunter on the other.

The organizing committee decided to create the prize using historical traditions of awarding in the Russian Empire. The choice fell to the Ladle- the traditional Russian form.

The ladle, has been the imperial or ambassadorial present, and sends us to the past of the our history. Such form was very popular in the Russian jewelry school in XIX-beginning of XX centuries, especially among the Imperial Court suppliers – Hlebnikov Ivan Petrovich and Ovchinikov Pavel Akimovich and others.

We know about the royal insignias which were made in the Ladle form. During the First World War Nicholas II awarded the most distinguished military units by the Ladles with the composition “The hunter with the spear and the bear”.

This silver-plated bronze decoration is made by Saint Petersburg Sculptor Vladislav Maslov, one of the most famous animal sculptor in our time. He’s known for his creatures made in the easel sculpture manner and for miniature sculpture. The crystal cup is produced in the Dyatkovo crystal factory in the Bryansk region.

The prize is awarded for getting 13 hunting species in Russia.

Kolyma Snow Sheep

Koryak Snow Sheep (harvested on the Kamchatka Koryak Highland)

Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Yakutia Snow Sheep

Kamchatka Snow Sheep

Chukotka Snow Sheep ( harvested on the Koryak Highland in Chukotka)

Caucasian Chamois

Mid-Caucasian Tur

Kuban (Western) Tur

 Mid-Caucasian Tur

 Dagestan (Eastern)

 Siberian Ibex (harvested in Sayany)

  Altay Ibex (from Russia)

The award conferment is taken by the Trophy commission of the CMH and is hand to the winners once in a year on the New Year Party, organized for the Club’s members..

Three people become the first nominee in 2016. Number One: Alexander Egorov- member of the Club’s Board of Trustees and the hunter who is well known among the hunting world. The last trophy in his list was Siberia Ibex. The other nominees are the living legend of the Mountain Hunts Hossein Golabchi and the CMH’s President Edward Bendersky. The 13th Edward’s trophy became Mid-Caucasian Chamois which he got in the Karmadon gorge. You’d read about Hossein Golabchi in our magazine N4/2015 but its’ useful to remind about him one more time.
All hunting world knows him under the name Sudi, he is the Iranian- American. Mr. Golabchi is the owner of the most outstanding trophies of Marco Polo. There are about 50 rams and 30 ibexes on his account including 25 species and subspecies of Ibexes and 35 rams.

Two more hunters became the nominee of the Russian Mountain Hunting Award in 2017- businessman Sergey Mazurkevich and Victor Kim - the Person 2017, according to our magazine.

Sergey Puzankevich from Belarus became the second foreign hunter after Hossein Golabchi who won the Prize and became the owners of “Star of Glory” from the “The Magic of the Real Safari”. We regularly print his hunting reports and articles.

The next one is Vladislav Reznik. Our readers know his articles and reports, which you can find in the magazine.

Let us, introduce the last nominee in 2018 Alexey Sedov. This enthusiastic hunter is not known to the wide circle of our readers yet.

Alexey, as Victor Kim, got involved into mountain hunting in the advanced age. Once, driving home from the traditional pen hunting, he got into the conversation with one of the experienced mountain hunter who suggested him to try. The companion told about all difficulties and excitement which each hunter meet and feel in the mountain.

Alexey is from Sochi. His childhood passed in the mountains where they were tracking and training. But he never treated to the mountains like to the hunting area. After that Alexey decided to get comprehend the science of mountain hunting. All vacations were devoted to the mountain expeditions. In three years he conquered all main mountain ranges in Russia. Some of the hunts were successful from the first time, other places he visited several times getting experience from the each trip. Alexey’s caught “the mountain virus” which sends him to the new expeditions. We want to wish him new unforgettable adventures and great trophies.

Prizewinners of the Russian Mountain Award

Alexader Egorov

Edward Bendersky

Hossein Golabchi

Viktor Kim

Sergey Mazurkevich

Vladislav Reznik

Sergey Puzankevich

Alexey Sedov

Editorial Board heartily congratulates the successful hunters and wishes them to conquer new peaks!