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Hunt for Dagestan (Eastern) Tur

I hunted in the North Ossetia in November, 2018. I’m really satisfied by this hunt, unbelievable outlooks, hospitable people. I got the trophy from the distance 540 m at an angle of 35 degrees by one shot to the neck. Rifle 338 LapuaMagnum. Special thanks to "High Hunt Pro".

The hunt on Kashmir Markhor

Another one hunt in Pakistan took place in Chitral, where I arrived by the helicopter on 25 January. We went for the hunt at about mid-day in to the gorge near the Gahirat village. Prince Seif, the local landlord, accompanied us. Three licenses per year for the Kashmir Markhor are given each year in this region. Local rangers started the search before we arrived and they were observing several groups of the adult Markhors for five days. A lot of snow fell in the area and the animals went to the lower heights. However, it became warmer when we arrived and the snow almost melted on the southern slopes.We noticed a single Markhor almost near the upper part of the ridge, 100 meters below its level. An elevation was ahead. I was very happy for it. Not to shoot the Markhor directly from the road! The elevation took about one hour, we reached the place, where the distance of shooting to the peak was about 400 meters. Seif gave me his rifle 300 wm caliber with Swarowski scope with regulation from 100 to 500 meters, that looked promising for the long-distance shooting. About 16:30 we saw a single Markhor. It was moving between the cliffs and it was very hard to find him. At some moment three rangers, who accompanied me started to speak actively and showed the orienteers, where the Markhor was. It was difficult to see him, it was literarily merged with rocky background. The distance was about 350 meters with the angle to the target of 45 degrees. It made me put the scope on the mark 300 meters. The first shot reached the animal directly in to the heart.

Hunt on the Hume’s Argali Kyrgyzstan

The road on the car from the airport of Manas to the base camp in the area of hun t (Narinskiy District), which was on the height 3600 masl. took us 12 hours. Very comfortable camping of the hunters, even the banya is present. At 6:30 in the morning next day we left for the ram search. The hunt took place on the heights 3800-4100 masl. At 0:00 we noticed the group of the proper in size trophy rams and at 10:30 we managed to approach to 345 meters and make a shot. In general the one should be ready for the shot on the distance 550-600 meters in this area of hunt.

Bolgary. Balkan Chamois 17.09.2018

Hi to everyone. We struggle for the brilliant level SCI record book, Chamois. We have already 6 Chamois, but it is better to make sure and make 8 in advance. The problem was with the Caucasian Chamois, very large animal and so small horns??? Impossible to include in to the SCI record book. Everyone, who was on the hunt in Bolgaria or in Macedonia on the Kri-kri of Balkan Chamois…know Rada. Everything organized very well., as always. It was one of the fastest hunts for me! The place of hunt – Rhodop mountains, Devin city. I flew from Barcelona 17.09.2018 at 16:30. At 22:00 I was in Sofia. The road to the hotel took three hours, at 2 o’clock at night we were already sleeping. The SPA hotel “Ismena” is a good. It is possible to see on Gigle maps. At 7 o’clock in the morning left by Russian “Niva” to the place of Hunt b the mountain ground road. At 8:00 we left the car and how the Garmin showed, we made 700 meters. At 8:30 we have been doing the photos of the trophy already. A good Chamois, on my opinion, the Chamois for more than 100 points. I was shooting not far, about 150-200 meters. A group comprising about 7 animals. The weather was very good, sunny. In the hotel could have a rest and have a lunch. At 13:30 we left to Sofia and at 16:00 the person, who accompanied me, left back to Barcelona. Everything has been done in 24 hours with the flight from Barcelona and back. Though the hunt took about 30 minutes with photos, we moved on foot 700 meters. I had to have a flight not in time due to the rifle, because not all the companies take the weapons and the ammunition. Not always the hunt is accompanied by the search and adventures, but this kind of hunt takes it’s place as well. A little bit of luck?

East Caucasian tur

I managed to hunt on the East Caucasian tur in the North Ossetia-Alania while was having a rest in sanatoria of the Jeleznovodsk city. A permission on the “Sanitary shooting” was given. The hunt took place in Daryal gorge on the territory of the Verhniy Lars in the foothill hunting lands. The mountains met us with the drizzle and the fog. However, when we achieved the height of 2000 masl, the sun was shining on the blue sky. About 16:00 a large herd of males of the East Caucasian tur was found. We started an approach and reached the distance of 326 meters. Shot, and the tur ran for 20 meters and fell down. I was very happy to take the trophy, congratulated each other. Five people took part in the hunt. I have been hunting with my grandson. Started to go down to the cars, when the pictures were done. We went in the darkness at about 23:00 in the evening. In the morning we were in Pyatigorsk. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful hunting and amazing views of the Caucasus Mountains. I invite everyone to have a rest on the resorts of the “Caucasian Mineral Waters”.

Kolyma Snow Sheep – 2018

Wake up at 40:00 o'clock in the morning. Happy with this, soon from the boat to the ground. We drain the Zodiak and on the shore. The ground! No toss! How wonderful! Though the body is still tossing automaticly. Raise to the mountain. From the far the mountain looked inaccessible. In two hours we raise 500 masl. On the road observe a group of females. It feels like they see the man at the first time. We start to move along the ridge. It is amazing how the forage reserve is poor. The Siberian Dwarf Pine is all around.If we seen no females, I would think, “what are we doing here?” Soon after we noticed a single grazing young male. He is some kind of enchanted. We move further to the cliffs. Time for lunch. Sun burnes. The ranger Vasiliy suggests to have a rest and drink some tea. He sais tat the rams will be soon. Everything was like he said. At first we noticed to young males. And higher, just right above our heads, He was standing!     Very large, athletic body! We even didn’t have to look at the horns. This is the real male! The distance was 225 meters. Almost up on the 90 degrees. The shot! Missed? No, the blood fountains from the neck. Got! In to the target! Should make the second shot? Vasiliy stops. We put off the backpacks and prepare to go up to the trophy. We have to go by the vertical cliff very high. And then the miracle takes place. The ram makes several steps and fells vertically down. Going to break the horns! Thought I. With my heart stopped I come to the trophy. The hors are safe on the right, the tip is broken on the right, but it is an old breake. The trophy is taken! Splendid male! 10-11 years. Kolyma Snow Sheep is taken!