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Hunting for the Kamchatka Snow Sheep

The weather was merciful to us in that trip. We arrived by chopper in time and the visibility was great. There were two groups of hunters in different camps. In the first day we saw lots of sheep tracks but didn’t spot any animal. Next day we went to another gorge and found four males. Two of them had trophy size. I shot from Blazer 300 WinMag. The shooting distance was 215m. The sheep ran about 100 m, after I hit it, and fell down. It got dark while we fetched the body and skin it that’s why decided to sleep there. It got colder at night and started raining. Fortunately, we took primus with us and could drank hot tea. Next morning, we came back to the camp and I flew away to Milkovo. Thank you very much to my guide Vladimir and the outfitters.

Hunting for the Kuban Tur

I’ve got the Kuban Tur in the first day. The shooting distance was 185m. The used rifle Tikka T3, 300WM. I got the 16 years old male.

Siberian Ibex, Alta

I hunted for the Siberian Ibex on Atlay. The weather was fine but we couldn’t find a good size trophy. I had to shoot the 6 years old male because hadn’t time to stay longer. One of the days we hiked about 25km. The shooting distance was 502 m.

Hunting for the Yakutsk Snow Sheep

The Yakutsk Snow Sheep. I got it at the beginning of August, 2020 by the first shot. The shooting distance was 200m. The rifle- Tikka T3, cal. 300 WinMag. The place of hunt-Tomponsky district Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The Caucasian prize

I’ve booked hunting for a Kuban Tur through the “Safari-Valmir” company. In August 2020 I flew to Mineralnye vody. The driver waited us at the airport and  we drove to Arkhyz. The local guide waited for us there, then we reloaded the luggage and drove to the hunting base. Next morning, we climbed the mountains, went about 100 meters when detected the group of animals. My friend shot first and took the trophy from 209 meters distance. After the shot one of the males didn’t follow the others but ran to the gorge. We set the camp and decided to check that gorge from the opposite slope. It was the right decision because we spotted the male in 650 meters from us.  I crawled as long as I could and approached it 212 meters. I did the only one but accurate shot and got the trophy. It took us just one day to finish the hunt. Thank you very much to our outfitter for that excellent and shot hunting on the Caucasus.

Hunting for the Mid-Caucasian Tur

At the beginning of August, I hunted in my friend’s hunting land in Karachay-Cherkessia. In early morning we climbed to the altitude 3000masl. After we reached the top I detected the group of males, grazed lower than we were. So, we had to go down 300m. The animals moved to the forest part of the mountain for a day rest. We had to wait for them and it took about 2 hours. Then I noticed a big male in 300m. I got that nice, 12 years old trophy by the first shot.

Hunting for the Okhotsk Snow Sheep

I hunted in the upper Kananga river, Omsukchan district in Magadan and got the sheep from the first shot. The shooting distance was 250m. The trophy was 13 years old male.

Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

I hunted for the Mid-Asian Ibex in the Tien Shan mountains in October. The altitude, where the hunt took place,  was 4000 masl. I shot under 27 degrees angle from 260 meters. The Ibex population at that area is stable but you’ll need time to find the trophy size male. 

Hunting in Magadan

I’ve just finished my hunt in Magadan. The 9 years old male of the Okhotsk Snow sheep was taken in the first day. The shooting distance was 326m. The second trophy is 10 years old Siberian bear. A special acknowledgment to the Profi Hunt company and the IGAKA company for the well organized hunt.

Sayan mountains

Hunting for the Siberian Ibex near the Sayano-Shushenskiy nature reserve border. The altitude was 900 masl. The weather was fine, +7°, no wind. Hunting was organized at the end of October, the rut time. That’s why we could approach the trophy easily. The shooting distance was 240 m, at the 13 degrees angle. The horns size is 100 cm. 

Koryak Snow Sheep on Kamchatka

Hurray! The hunting season 2020 is opened now! I've got the offer from Eventus company and Sergey Tyutchev agreed to accompany me at that trip. There were some difficulties because of the current epidemiological situation but I could arrive to Anadyr. My goal was to take two Koryak snow sheep. We were going to hunt in Chukotka and Kamchatka regions and to use the chopper to move from one place to another. Everything was organized well and we didn’t waste time and flew to the hunting area just after receiving our luggage and weapon. It took about two hours to fly from tundra to the mountains. The weather has also changed from the clear one, when we left airport, it turned to overcast. The clouds covered the peaks and ridges. After the short discussion with the pilots we made the decision to land on the highest but safe place. The group worked as a team. We set the camp and went for hunting immediately. We spent two days monitoring the surroundings but didn't find any signs of the trophy males. Then we moved to the next place and detected the group of males there. I could approach them 300 meters and made a shot. I got the trophy! The used caliber 338 LM. Thank you very much to Sergey Victorovich for his professionalism.

Koryak Snow Sheep, Kamchatka

I’ve just arrived from my hunting for Koryak Snow Sheep. The shot was done from the distance 330 m (300WM). I flied there though Anadyr and then by the chopper to the hunting area. The taken trophy was more than average for that area and I’m satisfied.

Hunting for Yakutia Snow Sheep

The hunt was organized by OK Sonor and High- Hunt company. The scouts spotted the group of sheep beforehand. I was accompanied by 5 guides ( two of them went ahead to check the surroundings and had detected the sheep). The other guides and I went about 5 km and were having rest on the mountain pass. Then we moved to the hunting area and began to approach the sheep. I shot from the distance 540 m across the gorge. The sheep had fallen on the place where it stood.  The rifle -300 WinMag. Blazer, 210 Berger. Thank you for the good organization of the hunt.

Altay Ibex

Unfortunately I don’t have picture of the trophy. The Ibex rolled down by the slope , I went down and found that left the phone in the backpack.

Iran, February 2020

I’d got the male of the Armenian mouflon in Iran. The trophy was taken on the island Cabagan, the Urmia lake. The weather wasn’t well, it was snow and wind but sometimes we saw the sun. I shot from the distance 425 meters and got 10 years old male. That day we hiked about 20 km.