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Kamchatka Snow Sheep

It became the world champion when I got it. The previous record was held for more than 20 years.


We were not lucky. It was rainy, foggy. The mountains were easy to hike and we could drive close to the place but I felt squeezed like a lemon.  We hiked a lot but the result of two day hunting was zero. I’ve got my Bronze trophy on the third day. It was in 5 hours before the flight to home. Thank you very much to Anton, our outfitter for this great hunt.

Hunt for Gredos Ibex

I hunted in Spain and got the Gredos Ibex from the distance 300m. I used the rented Blazer p 8 cal. 257 WM.The animal’s density is very high. Thank you very much to our outfitter Dmitry Grigoriev and the High Hunt Pro company. Special thanks to Olga Kuznetsova who accompanied me during this trip.

The white stripe in Iran. How I hunted for Kerman Sheep.

This story began with the unfortunate oversight, which happened with me for the first time during all my hunting trips.  There were some difficulties when I planned this hunt. One of them was that just before the trip I detected that all empty pages in my passport were over and I had to change it quickly. The next unpleasant surprised happened with our team when we crossed the Iran border.  The problem was in the mismatch of gun's numbers between the gun which I had to take and what I took.   Let me explain. According the law in Iran, like in other countries of the world, the license is issued to the definite rifle for the limited period of time. It’s always prepared beforehand and the customs officer checks the number of the rifle, stated in the license, with the number of the rifle brought into the country. I got such permissions lots of times and there weren’t any problems. But there was one nuance at that time. It  happend because of the time lag and my busy schedule. I was going to that trip from spring, at first I planned to fly in October, than changed to November and arranged to make in just in December. At spring when I decided to take part in that adventure I thought to take the definite carbine but took  the other one. The differences between these two rifles were just in color and in numbers of course. The local outfitter prepared all permits for the first rifle and we found the mistake only when I’d arrived already. We started to discuss how it could happened and  what to do. There were not many variants, the first one was to try to resolve the issue on the spot in Iran, the second one to fly back home and try once again next time. There was one more suggestion to hunt with the rented gun, but my position in this regard was adamant – I hunted only with my own weapon.With all the circumstances, we decided to wait a day while our organizer Asif Ilysov and the local outfitter Israfil would  try to renewal of the license  urgently. The chances were 50/50. We left my weapon in the luggage storage at the airport and drove to the hotel, hoping that the situation would have the positive resolution. Next morning when we arrived back to the airport everything was decided yet and we could take the gun and the hunting license.  It inspired me and we moved to the habitat of Kerman Sheep believing in our success. Our impressive delegation consisted of 15 persons and included Asif , Israfil and about 10 Iranian guides, scouters and rangers. Even Asif was surprised by such number of the staff.  It was due to the wide habitat of the Kerman sheep, as well as some nuances in the hunt. My business schedule didn’t allow me to stay there for a long time, I hoped to get both trophies in five days though my outfitter recommended not less than eight. The first hunting day I could call the day of scouting. We saw the herd of sheep led by the old male. It had the definite feature – white line on its side and huge size. My aim was to get the old male who couldn’t serve to the Nature anymore and whose absence would help the young ones to develop the population. It was getting dark. The day in December  was short and twilight started at 6 pm, that why  when we detected that group at 4 pm we could just observe it and tried to define the direction where the animals could go next, and where we could look for them next day. I wanted to get that trophy male because the white line on its side was the mark that it was old. Next morning at 7am we continued our searching of the yesterday’s group. It was dark when we walked to the place where the herd would have  been , as we thought. At the same time our scouts informed us be radio that they found the other group in the different direction. The Iranian highlands don’t have difficult landform: all mountains are not high, about 800 masl, that’s why we decided to reach the group, detected by our guys, and stopped looking got the sheep with the white line. While we were trekking I came to the conclusion that though the mountains weren’t high and difficult but they were unusually dusty. That was due to the fact that there were little rainfall at that area and there weren’t much vegetation on the slopes. The main landscape consisted of bare hills, covered by sand. The dust was everywhere we all were covered by it- hands, faces, legs.  I felt  discomfort  when it got in the eyes. We arrived to the place at noon and hopind  to observe the herd but lost sight of it.  We were in bewilderment when noticed two young males which grazed nearby the gorge and decided that the rest of the herd hid there from the sun. It could take time to wait when other animals would leave the shelter and we chose the variant when one of the guides would come upper there and throw the stone into the gorge  just to frighten them away. I didn’t think that it was a good plan because I had already had the experience when we did so in Nepal and didn’t get the result because of weather.  But the stone had been  thrown and nobody appeared except those two young males.  Where was that large group of 15 animal? We resolved to come back to the place where the yesterday’s group had been seen. Suddenly the senior guide Murat, who stayed in 200 meters from us, waved the hands and showed the signals,  that he saw sheep. I took the position to fire because understood that the account went on minutes and seconds, and began to prepare for a shot. Sheep noticed us already because we stood on the sunny side while they were in shadow. It was the disturbing moment when they watched us and waited what we would do next. The distance was 220m. I took the comfortable position and looked through the sight hoping to find the sheep with the white line. O my God! I found it!But there was one difficult why I couldn’t fire immediately. The other male stood close to him and I could wound it. The risk was 90%. I realized that had to do something and  tried to take the other position or we’d lose it.  I wouldn’t have chance to shoot the chase because there was the gorge near them where the herd would hide. While I was changing the position the sheep went sideways and I could fire. The trophy was taken from the distance 220m. At that time it was my record in shooting from the short distances.  Everybody congratulated me with the accurate shot and then followed the usual procedure of making pictures though  it wasn’t not ordinarily in  Iran. I’ll tell you the interesting story. It happened with me for the first time.  I have to start from afar. When I arrived to Iran, I noted that the locals were fans of taking pictures and attached special, even ritual importance to it. They organized the trophy photo session like the professionals makeup artists. The team of 12 Iraqis rounded the trophy, washed it with shampoo, then dried it and started to brush. I guessed that if they had the hairdryer they would use it. The Iranians had prepared it so well  and were so skillfully   that made it looked even better than it was when was alive!  When everything was finished, they forgot about me and started to make pictures with my trophy. I watched from the side for quite a long time and then asked Asif if I was superfluous at this hunting festival!)  After my modest remarks they came to themselves, stepped aside and gave me the opportunity to take a picture with my trophy Kerman sheep.   This situation was very interesting for me because all Iraqis were very  good- natured, cheerful, hospitable people and it was easy to work with them and even language barrier did not interfere with our communication. At last we all did pictures with the sheep in the mountains, then they made pictures with me too and we went down to the car. Then we repeated the same procedure near the car and only after that drove to the camp to have rest and dinner. Next morning I moved to the other hunt for the Desert Ibex.

Balearean Wild Goat

It was nice and easy hunt  not in the corral though there were lots of them.  I took 15 years old male. Hunters looked for it for 4 years but I got it easily. It was just luck.

The hunt in Altai mountains

In the mid of August 2018 I hunted for Siberian Ibex in Altai mountains. The hunt was organized not far from the boundaries of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. We saw just two groups of Ibexes during the week. The first one noticed us and we couldn’t get closer to shoot.  After three hours of tracking down the second group we found that there were not trophy males, only females and a young goat.  In twenty minutes we noticed the group of snow sheep listed in the Red Book. I accounted 26 animals feeding on the grass slope. It was a luck to meet them.  Each day we met  2-3 bears and  lots of Siberian stags. Mountain partridges scattered in all directions when  we went by the mountain ridges.  I was surprised by finding swamps on the heights 2300-2900m under the sea level. We saw brown caps boletus as well.Coming down from the ridge we set out the camp and spend the night there. Next  the morning we all decided to come back to the village Belayshi to buy some food and have a rest in the hunting base.  We walked about two km already when made a halt and saw snow sheep on the slope. I made the pictures trying to approach them closer by camera.  I took photos against the sun and from the long distance that’s why the quality isn’t well. I couldn’t harvest  the trophy which want to  but  I’m satisfied by this hunt and get lots of positive emotions.

Hunt in Croatia

I hunted for mouflon in Croatia. The first trophy was got from the distance 165m by the one short. Caliber 243

Hunt in Pakistan

I hunted in Pakistan at the end of February 2019. The hunt was for two urials (Blanford and Punjab) and Sindh Ibex. Each chase took place in different area but even in such case it took totally seven days(from MSC to MSC) including all transfers. Everything was well organized and wasn’t difficult. I didn’t shoot from the car as I heard it’d be possible there, we walked not far just about 25 km and climbed about 1000m.Thank you very much to Ilya Dmitriev for the organization and his company.P.S. We flew from Islamabad on February 27, in a few hours before the closure of the airspace in Pakistan.

Hunt for Tatra Chamois in Slovakia

I’ve got nice trophy of  Tatra Chamois in December 2018, Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. The distance was 170, Blazer K95, 300wm.

Chartreuse Chamois in France

The hunt for Chamois is one of the most interesting hunts. But that time it was s hard to reach animals because of snow. It took us all daylights hours to get it and come back. But it was worth it, to go to the mountains and get the next trophy.

Himalayan ibex, Pakistan, January 2019

Arrived to Gilgit town, overnight. Next day drive 3 hours by car to the base. January, temperature -12. Accommodation in a separate house with coal stove. Really cold. In the first day we arrived at the lunch time, tested guns and drove to look on the hunting area till 4 pm. While inspecting saw few Ibexes and one trophy size.Next morning started at 7am. Examing the place, we noticed the group of 12 Ibexes: 2 young adults and 2 trophy size. The ranges didn’t allow to shoot just because the trophy could fall from the height and the horns could be damaged. We waited about an hour while they’d change the position and came closer to us. I shot from the 400 m distance with the angle to the target of 30 degrees. Success. We left the trophy on the place. Next morning 3 rangers came to the trophy, the climb took 3 hours and 5 hours to came back. Totally the hunt was 3 days excluding the road to the base.

Hunt for the Sindh Ibex and the Blandford Urial in Pakistan

The hunt for the both trophies took me and Alexey Kim just one day. We’ve stayed in the comfortable villa which belongs to Zulficar, landlord of that hunting area and well- known person in the country. The natives, from 7 to 10 persons per the hunter tracked down the males. There were lots of animals and the hunt was very fast.  I got the Urial from 280m distance and 100m for Ibex.  Thanks a lot for the Stalker group and its representative Alexey Alexeev for the good hunt organization. Special thanks for my son-in-law and my daughter who presented this hunt as the gift for my 70th  birthday. These trophies allow me to get  levels Ovis Super 20 и Capra Super 30.

Hunt for Dagestan (Eastern) Tur

I hunted in the North Ossetia in November, 2018. I’m really satisfied by this hunt, unbelievable outlooks, hospitable people. I got the trophy from the distance 540 m at an angle of 35 degrees by one shot to the neck. Rifle 338 LapuaMagnum. Special thanks to "High Hunt Pro".

Punjab Urial , January 2019

2,5 hours by car from Islamabad. I liked hunting lodge. It’s a separate house with hot shower and toilet. Common area with the fireplace. Good food. The lodge locates in the center of Punjab Urial habitat. You’d see the groups of young animals nearby. Huge population. It took us an hour to get to the base and in two hours we could shoot trophy male. All distances are about 300-400 m. Highly recommended.