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My 11th Ibex

The trophy was taken near the Kegety tract (Tokmok).I used calibre 300 WM and put “ mountain hunter mark” under the eyebrow. It was the lesson which taught me to be more attentive when shooting to the steep angle up. My guide Makhsad Taranchev was young at that time but very professional and did good approach to the animal.

Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Район охоты находится где-то в 200 км севернее от Магадан, часть пути проходит на машине до Мадауна и затем на снегоходах в это время года. Температура колеблется от -24 до -15 градусов, поэтому к 4-х часовой поездке на снегоходе нужно специально подготовиться. В горах, на подьезде к базе, нас накрыла метель, что продлило на пару часов наше путешествие: несколько раз глубоко засели и откапывали снегоходы. На следующий день метель продолжалась, что не позволило вообще выйти на поиски трофеев. Второй день, несмотря на продолжающуюся, но затихающую метелеь, дал нам несколько окон для наблюдения за соседнини горами. В общей сложности прошли около 12 км, но баранов не обнаружили. На третий день стало совсем ясно, что позволило нам с первыми лучами солнца начать осмотр окрестностей. Вскоре на рссстоянии 700 метров были обнаружины 4 барана, один из которых представлял трофейную ценность. Начался подход. Наблюдая за баранами, мы подползли на расстояние 430 метров, замерив расстояние, я уже начал корретировать баллистическую туррель прицела, когда вдруг баран изменив резко направление движения скрылся за сопкой! И, буквально вынырнул на расстоянии 100 метров от нас! Мгновенно изменив кратность прицела, с рук, с колена стреляю в трофей. Баран падает на месте!

Hunting in Karachay Cherkessia

I hunted in KCR in 2018. My goal was to get the Kuban Tur and Chamois. I couldn't take the Tur by the objective reasons and rescheduled it to the next year but was lucky with the Chamois. Thank you very mucht to Khadzhy-Marat Bostanov for this hunt and hospitality. I shot from the distance 300 meters to the running male.

Hunting for Carpathian Chamois

The rules of the weapon’s transportation to the territory of Romania had been changed and I has to stay for a night in Bucharest. Next day we got guns and drove to Carpathians, spent night in the hunting base and moved to the mountains in early morning.The first day was full failure. It was rainy and foggy, moreover I forget special clothes on the base and was wet. It was difficult to go because of the wet and slippery grass and stones. I tried to approach a big male but it noticed us and disappeared in the fog, then I shot to the laying chamois but missed. But the next day we were awarded. I got nice eight year old male. The shooting distance was 520 meters, the angle 28 degrees. This chamois was the twelves in my collection and got me the Gold level in the nomination of the MHC “World’s Chamois”/Thank you very much to my guide Katalin for his professional work and to the representative of the local outfitter Lutian.My personal thanks to Evgeniy Kharitonov who accompanied me and all team of the Stalker Group company.

Canada 2019. American Goat

It was my second visit to Prince George in this year. I arrived on November 1st. The first time the hunt for the American goat was canceled because they hadn’t the hydroplane to land on the lake and to hunt from the tent camp. I had to hunt for the Black bear not to waste time.  I arranged the goat hunt in November but it cost much more.  It took us about 5 hours’ drive from Prince George to the town Chetwynd. I stayed there for nights during all trip.  Next day we drove to the hunting area and monitored a group of goats, about 30-40 animals, which grazed in 3km from us. Unfortunately the bear attacked them from above and the herd moved to another side of the mountain. On the day #2 we climbed the mountain, what took us 3.5 hours and detected a big male with two females. But they also headed behind the slope and we didn’t’ see them anymore. We had to come back. It was snowy for two days and I spent time waiting for good weather. But my hopes were not to be fulfilled. At last we ascended to the same mountain and found the trophy. I fired from the distance 500 meters and got it by the first shot. Next days we hunted for deers, wolves and a lynx. Thus I took the additional trophy of the Black Canadian wolf and lynx. This hunt was the most difficult in physical terms.

Hunting in Low Tatra, Slovakia

I waited three year when at last received the opportunity to hunt for this rare species of chamois. There are only two or five licenses per year. So I’d arrived to the Low Tatra mountains. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of my guide, it took us just four hours to find the trophy size male. I wouldn’t detect the chamois which laid on the rocks without him. The shooting distance was 230 meters and I got the trophy which could claim 2nd or 3rd place according the SCI classification.I want to add some words to people who like to comment my hunting reports that all income from the sale of those licenses will go to the budget of the National park. It helps to preserve and to maintain this small population (about 100 animals) of the mountain ungulates. The funds will be spend on bioethics, protection and preservation of their habitat. I’m proud to contribute to the preservation of these rare species and in our country too.Thank you very much to the Stalker Group company for the organization of this hunt. My personal thanks to Evgeny Haritonov who accompanied me.


It was pouring rain. I shot from the distance 250 meters, with the angle 35 degrees. It was the easy hunt.

Hunt for the Chamois in France

I and my grandson hunted in France from November 1 to 6. This trip was planned beforehand because we were going to get the Chartreuse and Vercors Chamois and there were limited numbers of licenses for those species. We flew to Leon and then drove to Grenoble where stayed for a night. In early morning we moved to the village Korbel and began to climb the mountains. After a while we reached the rocks and started to observe mounting trying to spot chamois. The weather began to deteriorate and we went to another place. Our guide Kristof detected four animals and said that two of them had trophy size. We began to approach but they smelled us and ran away. It began to rain heavily and we decided to descend to dry and to change cloth. We found and picked up some mushrooms which cooked and ate later. Weather became better after a lunch and we took the attempt to drive to another place. The nice male was detected on the distance 710 meters, we discussed what do to do started the climb. I’d risen to 300 meters when met a really good male which appeared in 180 meters from our group. I fired and hit it. The used gun was Blazer 300WM. The goat went about 30 meters and stopped. The second shot pushed the chamois down from the ledge. It fall to the top of the tree and didn’t damage. The luck was on our side. The preliminary measurement showed that it could won the Gold medal. The horns were more than 24 inches.Next day we moved to the new place for a hunt for the Vercors Chamois. It was so rainy in the first day that we stayed on the base. The next day, November 4 it was too foggy and we could hardly see mountains so stayed in the place once again. The last hunting day came. We got up early and went to the mountains. One of us noticed three chamois which grazed on the slope and one of them had trophy size. We approached stealthily the group and the guide decided to go around and to point them in our direction. Jury (my grandson) heard the noise from the stones and I prepared to shoot. Chamois appeared in sixty meters from us and were ready to run. I fired twice and the wounded male ran down the slope. I shot the third time when it was running past us and took it. We were so happy to get trophies in such weather conditions. Thank you very much to Daniel- the local outfitter and our guide Kris.

Hunting for the Kri-Kri Ibex in Greece

I wanted to get Kri-Kri Ibex for a long time and guys from the Stalker-Group even had booked the license for me a year ago. Before leaving I’d known that could get Hybrid Kri-Kri Ibex and the island Mouflon to addition to the main trophy. My guides told me that mouflons were delivered to that part of the country at the 70th in the last century from Sardinia. The first hunting area was on the north of the country in the North Reserve where I was going to get the Hybrid Ibex. It was the first time when I hunted for the mountain ungulates using the smoothbore shotgun. I wasn’t experienced in hunting with such kind of Arms and that’s why decided to shoot to the male which was the closest to me because could approach it secretly. I fired with hands from the distance 82 meters. A young four years male became my trophy. In three hours after walking in the rain and looking for the next trophy we decided to go back to the hotel and began to descend but lucked smiled on us and I’d got the opportunity to get the Hybrid Kri-Kri which was rising meet us. It was a good size, 8 years old male. Next day we'd driven about eight hours and arrived to the small town where stayed for a night. In the morning we changed the car to the boat and saild to the Sapience Island where were going to hunt for the mouflon. I decided that I would shoot the adult Kri-Kri If I met it. And I was lucky once again and had the chance to approach and shoot to the nice male. The shooting distance was 70 meters and I hit it. The length of the horns were 75 and 74 sm.Three hours later we detected the old mouflon which I took form the distance 50 meters.Thank you very much to my guides Pol and Petros who are very professional. Thank you to the Stalker Group company and my personal thanks to Lyudmila Baranova for the organization of this hunt.

Hunt for Kuban Tur

It was my third trip to this hunting area and hunted  with my son as usual. The previous two attempts were unsuccessful. First time I missed and then weather had changed. Weather was the reason of the second failure too.  This time I tried to predict everything. The hunt was organized in the later time when animals descend lower and chances to get a good trophy was higher. In the first morning we monitored the slopes and detected a good size male in three km from us. The climb to 600 meters took us two hours. The sun  had risen and dazzled the eyes awfully. But I got the trophy from the first shot  and from the distance 350 meters.

Hunt for the Argali Marco Polo in Tajikistan

I hunted with friends on Pamir near the lake Karakul. The hunt was organized by Jury Matisson. Originally we were going to hunt in the  Balancec gorge but couldn’t cross the pass because of snow. I had to change plans and to move to the Bos Baital gorge. The tent camp was set on the altitude 4200 masl but we had to go down 200 meters for the hunt and then  to climb.  It didn’t take much time to detect the first group of Ibexes. The guides worried that we hadn’t time to rise because animals stood on the top. In an hour and a half we reached the bridge but were moving in the snow storm and got past ibexes.  When snow stopped we found that they stayed a little below us on the left. I got the nice 10 years male by the first shot. Next morning we spotted the group of sheep which grazed on the slope on the height 4300 masl. My guide Ozod and I approached and pushed them. I took my 10 years trophy from the distance 400 meters. Thank you to Jury Matisson and to his team for the excellent organization of the hunt.

Balkan Chamois

I arrived to Macedonia because wanted to get the Balkan Chamois. This trip began from my call to the Stalker Group  company. I said, that wanted to hunt somewhere in the weekend and the desired trophy is the chamois. The conversation took place in Wednesday and in a day Jury Morozov called me back  and invited me to Makedonia.  I flew to Sofia and then drove to Skopje. The rented car didn’t have the green card and the border guides refused didn’t let me to cross the border.  I called to Jury Morozov and the receiving party met me on there in two hours but I had to cross the border by taxi.  It was evening when I arrived to the Base camp and met there our Club friends from Spain. Juan Antonio Garcia hunted there for the third day. We sat till midnight talking stories and discussing plans. I got up at 5am, had light breakfast and moved to the mountains.  We drove up most of the way and then climbed for an hour. I wasn’t even tired when we detected several chamois but all of them were small. We walked for a while when noticed the another group. There was a good size trophy. I made the one but accurate shot from the distance 200 meters. The used cal. Was 300 WM. Thank you very much to the Stalker Group company and personally  to Jury Morozov for this hunt. Everything was organized on the very professional level.

Chartreuse Chamois

I got the Chamois not far from Grenoble, France. It was short and comfortable hunt, which took just one evening. The shooting distance was 220 m.