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Hunting in Armenia

I met this end of the year in Armenia where hunted for the Bezoar Ibex. Thank you very much to the Profi Hunt company and personally to Artem Veselov for their professional work. The weather was nice. I shot from the distance 280meters and made just one shot. The trophy didn ‘t have huge size but I like the hunting process and the company.

Dagestan Tur

I hunted for the Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan. The trophy was taken on the second hunting day from the distance 350 meters. I made just one but accurate shot. Thank you very much to Shiri and Aziz and my personal thanks to Dmitry Grigoriev from the High Hunt Pro company.

For the sheep to Kyrgyzstan

In the mid of November,2019  the owner of PRO Hunt company Maxim Vorobiev and I were going to fly from Sheremetyevo to Bishkek.  At the airport we met our friend Gennady Smirnov who flew to Kyrgyzstan too. He was going to get the trophy of the Ibex. Maxim’s friend Aidar met us in Bishkek. It took us five hours drive to reach Barskoon. The local outfitter Kenesh Baike waited for us there. Then we drove six hours to the Base. It was the late evening when we arrived. We used two cars, the second driver was Azamat. There was one more hunter who arrived from Moscow- Alexander. He was Aidar’s friend. The Base camp looked very imposing. I had never stayed in such bases before.  Next morning we tested guns and moved to the mountains. We saw great number of sheep. It was possible to watch about 200 animals from the one place. There were females and trophy size males but I was looking for the super trophy! We were lucky on the third day when found one of them. We called that male Don Juan because it was very busy struggling with other males and caring for its harem.  That day and the next one we couldn’t approach it. On the fifth day we moved to the mountains very early and were lucky to approach the sheep herd. Don Juan was there. I shot twice from the distance 430m. It ran for a while and fell. That Hume sheep was the nice trophy. When we were going back to the base, one of our guides noticed the group of Ibexes, which pastured in 800 meters from us. We tried to approach them. We went to 208 meters and found that five Ibexes were laying on the ground included the big one. The guides suggested to wait when they’d stand up. They began to move in 50 minutes. The chosen Ibex stood up fast and followed the female. We lost it but suddenly it went back. I fired and it disappeared. We all ran to that place and found it laying on the bottom of the gorge. Thus I got the Mid Asian Ibex. Thank you very much to Maxim Vorobyov, Aidar Okenov, the owner of the Base Kenesh Baike and our guides. It was very interesting hunt. We were there in the peak of the rut season.

Kuban Tur

I hunted in KCR at the end of October and got the trophy of the Kuban Tur. It wasn’t difficult and everything was organized well in the very “Indian” area. Special thanks to Hasan.

Pyrenean Chamois

My goal was to get the Pyrenean Chamois that’s why I arrived to Lion, then drove 500 km to the small village Prades, located in the Eastern Pyreness. The guided waited for me there. It was rain and cloudy while I was on the way to the hunting ground but in the morning when we left the village, the weather became better. Mountains there aren’t high but covered by thick bushes. The only tactic which works there well is to approach the trophy as close as possible. At the end of the first day we detected the interesting male with white muzzle and big horns, but the cal. 30-06 and the sight didn’t allow to shoot. The Day #1 wasn’t’ successful. Next day we went back to the same place. The hunt passed just 11 minutes what was the record for the local guide. I got nice trophy of the Chamois from the distance 200 meters

Carpathian Chamois

I flew to Bucharest because wanted to add a new sample to my Chamois collection. We drove about 220 km and arrived to the  authentic resort town  Băile Olanesti which is known by its mineral springs. It was rain while we were driving and the weather forecast for the next day wasn’t optimistic: fog and rain. We started at 6mp and arrived to the mountains in forty minutes. We left the car and began to climb. Snow changed the rain but we went on deeper to the forest. Animals preferred to go down in such weather and soon we detected several groups of animals, from 3 to 5 males in each. It didn’t take much time to find the nice trophy size male which I got from the distance 170 meters. Blazer R93, cal. 300 win mag.

Hunt for the Blue Sheep in Pakistan

It was hard but very interesting hunt. Our way to the base camp, located on the altitude 4200 masl, took us 4 days ( 2 days by car and 2 day by foot). I was lucky to shot the sheep in the first hunting day. It happened in the morning on the height 4800 masl. My friend Edward Bendersky fired first and his shot on the opposite slope scared the group of sheep which moved to our side. So I could shot from the comfortable distance 225 meters.

My first mountain trophy

On early morning November 23,  I flew from Moscow to Mineral Vody. My friends met me at the airport and then we drove to the hunting base. The outfitter told me that we would hunt in the Kurtatinsky (Hilak) gorge. The base was located on the altitude 1800 mas. Next morning (Sunday) we were going to leave the base at 4 am and to climb the mountain in the darkness. The plans had been changed and it didn’t depend on us. It was about 10 am when we went for the hunt. First of all we drove up to the mid of the mountain till the altitude 2100m and detected the group of turs. It was 11am when we started ascending the steep slope. It took us  four hours to climb and we rose to 850 vertical meters. There was the only trophy size male which I got by three shots. The shooting distance was 567m at the angle 28 degrees. The third shot hit to its neck and it fell (300 WM cart 230 OTM). We managed to deliver the trophy just on the next day. It was 10 years old male. It was my first mountain hunt and I think that it’s very successful. Thank you very much to the professional team of the North-Ossetia State hunting company.

Hunting for Chamois in Itatly

My hunting in Dolomites. Mountains there were very interesting. I got amazing impressions from that trip.

Hunting for the Shiraz Mouflon and Jabir gazelle in Iran

Shiraz mouflon is the rarest endemic of Iran which habitat in the Yazd province. I waited nine year before got the chance to get that trophy. The hunt was organized in the Broyie reserve called by the name of the Broyie mountains.In the first day we spent five hours looking for the trophy size male and found it. Unfortunately I couldn't take the comfortable shooting position and missed from the distance 570 meters. It was the only opportunity that day.Next day I got the nice eight years old male from the distance 500 meters. It could be ranked into the top ten byt the SCI list. On the next day I was lucky to take the additional trophy of the Jabir gazelle which is in 5 inches bigger than the registered record. Thank you very much to the Stalker company and personal thanks to Vadim Plaksin who accompanied me in that trip.

Hunting for the Afghan Urial in Iran

We spent the night in the hotel and next morning at 6 am drove to the hunting land Darmin reserve. That area, about 70ha, is the habitat for about 2K animals. In two hours we detected the group of animals and there were several trophy size males. The herd was slowly moving up to the gorge. Unfortunately the males we were interested in, gathered in one group and if I shot using my Scenar 250 gr Lapua 338 LM I would wound several of them.  I desired to finish the hunt and fly back home that’s why decided to aim to the lonely male though it wasn’t the biggest one. The shooting distance was 660 meters. Wind 4 m/s. I didn’t take it from the first time and we spent two hours chasing it. Thus I got a good 8 years old trophy. I want to mention the organization of hunts in Iran. Thanks to the income from trophy hunts they managed to create an effective system which support hunting business and protect animals. Thank you very much to the Stalker company, Jasmin Safari and my personal thanks to Vadim Plaksin for his help and support during that interesting hunt.