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The hunt in Altai mountains


Trophies Altay Ibex (Capra sibirica sibirica), taken in Russia

Trophies Altay Ibex (Capra sibirica sibirica), taken in Russia
Date of hunt 18.08.2018
Region of hunt
Place of hunt
Kosh-Agachskiy region, Republic of Altai, Russia
Jeep Altai
Hunt difficulty Average difficulty
the weather was changeable: sunny, rainy, snow, foggy
In the mid of August 2018 I hunted for Siberian Ibex in Altai mountains. The hunt was organized not far from the boundaries of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. We saw just two groups of Ibexes during the week. The first one noticed us and we couldn’t get closer to shoot.  After three hours of tracking down the second group we found that there were not trophy males, only females and a young goat.  In twenty minutes we noticed the group of snow sheep listed in the Red Book. I accounted 26 animals feeding on the grass slope. It was a luck to meet them.  Each day we met  2-3 bears and  lots of Siberian stags. Mountain partridges scattered in all directions when  we went by the mountain ridges.  I was surprised by finding swamps on the heights 2300-2900m under the sea level. We saw brown caps boletus as well.
Coming down from the ridge we set out the camp and spend the night there.
Next  the morning we all decided to come back to the village Belayshi to buy some food and have a rest in the hunting base.  We walked about two km already when made a halt and saw snow sheep on the slope. I made the pictures trying to approach them closer by camera.  I took photos against the sun and from the long distance that’s why the quality isn’t well. I couldn’t harvest  the trophy which want to  but  I’m satisfied by this hunt and get lots of positive emotions.