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Hunting for the Shiraz Mouflon and Jabir gazelle in Iran


Trophies Shiras Mouflon (Ovis gmelini ssp)

Trophies Shiras Mouflon (Ovis gmelini ssp)
Date of hunt 23.02.2020
Region of hunt
Yard province
Place of hunt
Brodie reserve
Stalker group
Hunt difficulty Average difficulty
Shiraz mouflon is the rarest endemic of Iran which habitat in the Yazd province. I waited nine year before got the chance to get that trophy. The hunt was organized in the Broyie reserve called by the name of the Broyie mountains.
In the first day we spent five hours looking for the trophy size male and found it. Unfortunately I couldn't take the comfortable shooting position and missed from the distance 570 meters. It was the only opportunity that day.
Next day I got the nice eight years old male from the distance 500 meters. It could be ranked into the top ten byt the SCI list. On the next day I was lucky to take the additional trophy of the Jabir gazelle which is in 5 inches bigger than the registered record. Thank you very much to the Stalker company and personal thanks to Vadim Plaksin who accompanied me in that trip.