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Отчеты охотников

Canada 2019. American Goat

It was my second visit to Prince George in this year. I arrived on November 1st. The first time the hunt for the American goat was canceled because they hadn’t the hydroplane to land on the lake and to hunt from the tent camp. I had to hunt for the Black bear not to waste time.  I arranged the goat hunt in November but it cost much more.  It took us about 5 hours’ drive from Prince George to the town Chetwynd. I stayed there for nights during all trip.  Next day we drove to the hunting area and monitored a group of goats, about 30-40 animals, which grazed in 3km from us. Unfortunately the bear attacked them from above and the herd moved to another side of the mountain. On the day #2 we climbed the mountain, what took us 3.5 hours and detected a big male with two females. But they also headed behind the slope and we didn’t’ see them anymore. We had to come back. It was snowy for two days and I spent time waiting for good weather. But my hopes were not to be fulfilled. At last we ascended to the same mountain and found the trophy. I fired from the distance 500 meters and got it by the first shot. Next days we hunted for deers, wolves and a lynx. Thus I took the additional trophy of the Black Canadian wolf and lynx. This hunt was the most difficult in physical terms.

Hunting in Low Tatra, Slovakia

I waited three year when at last received the opportunity to hunt for this rare species of chamois. There are only two or five licenses per year. So I’d arrived to the Low Tatra mountains. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of my guide, it took us just four hours to find the trophy size male. I wouldn’t detect the chamois which laid on the rocks without him. The shooting distance was 230 meters and I got the trophy which could claim 2nd or 3rd place according the SCI classification.I want to add some words to people who like to comment my hunting reports that all income from the sale of those licenses will go to the budget of the National park. It helps to preserve and to maintain this small population (about 100 animals) of the mountain ungulates. The funds will be spend on bioethics, protection and preservation of their habitat. I’m proud to contribute to the preservation of these rare species and in our country too.Thank you very much to the Stalker Group company for the organization of this hunt. My personal thanks to Evgeny Haritonov who accompanied me.


t was snow. I fired from 140 meters and got it. It was very easy and comfortable hunt.


It was pouring rain. I shot from the distance 250 meters, with the angle 35 degrees. It was the easy hunt.

Hunting in Turkey

I’d got my trophy in the first hunting day but it wasn’t easy. I fired twice from the distance 500 meters and at the angle  of 20 degrees. The second shot was  to be sure.