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Отчеты охотников

Hunting for the Kuban Tur

I’ve got the Kuban Tur in the first day. The shooting distance was 185m. The used rifle Tikka T3, 300WM. I got the 16 years old male.

Hunting for the snow sheep on Chukotka

In September I hunted for the snow sheep on Chukotka. The hunt was organized by the hunting company Berezovskoe. Our camp was located on the Koryak highland in the upper reaches of the Velikaya river. The weather was fine. It was the second day when we detected the group of sheep, consisted of 4 males. The animals were crossing the gorge and would go up to the plateau. We came to the exit from the gorge and began to wait. Suddenly the sheep appeared and ran to the next gorge. I shot from 210 meters to the running aim and hit the sheep. The bullet went through the body and it fell down to the ravine. I ran to the cliff and fired the second time. It was a worthy trophy, about 12-13 years old male.Then I hunted near the northern border of Kamchatka and Chukotka. I got the trophy on the third day. The sheep had rest in the gorge when we approached them 250m. We waited when they stood up and then I shot from above. My trophy became a 10 years old male. I used Blazer 300 WM.

Altay Ibex

The weather wasn’t fine. It was constantly raining or snowing with the gulps of wind. Snow prevented to make the correct measure of the distance. I tried three times. The biggest correction was 350 meters but in the reality the distance  was 420m. I shot at the angle 22 degrees. I got 15 years old male with the horns -109,5 and 102,5 cm.

Koryak Snow Sheep

At the end of August – beginning of September I hunted for the Koryak snow sheep. The hunt was organized on the Koryak highland. My guide Anatoly Silin detected the male and we began to approach. The climbing from 900 to 1300 masl took us an hour. The group of animals grazed on the opposite slope in 670m from us. I used 338 Lapua Magnum and got the trophy from the first shot. Thank you very much to Konstantin Kallin for the impeccable organization and to Anatoly Silin for his optimism and energy!

Kolyma Snow Sheep

I got the nice trophy of the Kolyma Snow Sheep. The shooting distance was 240m., cart. 338 LM. We didn’t climb high but just hiked around the slope where detected the lonely male. It laid on the sunny side and had rest.

Chukotka Snow Sheep

In September I hunted for the Chukotka Snow sheep on the Korayk highland. The shooting distance was 300 m, cart. 338 LM It took us an hour to climb to 1200 masl. Thank you very much to the guides Gennady and Evkum and to Konstantin Kallin for his professionalism.

Okhotsk Snow Sheep

I hunted in the Okhotsk region of the Khabarovsk krai. The local outfitter Sergey Khromykh provided me the license. I decided to hunt independently but it was a mistake, I regretted later. I didn’t know the territory and it made the process more difficult. We could hardly find the group of sheep and I got one of them. The shooting distance was 530 m. Thank you very much to Sergey. It took me about 5 years to get all 6 kinds of snow sheep species!

Hunting for the Kamchatka Snow Sheep

The weather was merciful to us in that trip. We arrived by chopper in time and the visibility was great. There were two groups of hunters in different camps. In the first day we saw lots of sheep tracks but didn’t spot any animal. Next day we went to another gorge and found four males. Two of them had trophy size. I shot from Blazer 300 WinMag. The shooting distance was 215m. The sheep ran about 100 m, after I hit it, and fell down. It got dark while we fetched the body and skin it that’s why decided to sleep there. It got colder at night and started raining. Fortunately, we took primus with us and could drank hot tea. Next morning, we came back to the camp and I flew away to Milkovo. Thank you very much to my guide Vladimir and the outfitters.

Cantabrian Chamois (RUPICAPRA PYRENAICA PARVA)- Spain

The tourists from other countries couldn’t visit Spain till July 1st. But in few day after the ban was removed. I landed in Madrid with all necessary equipment and the weapon. The officer at the airport told me that I was the first foreign hunter who arrived to the country after the pandemic. Thank you very much to Timo Tippy and all his staff, who could arrange everything starting from the meeting in Madrid to the successful hunt in the Cantabrian mountains. After arrival we drove to the hunting gallery where I tested my gun and then drove to small town in 4 hours’ drive from the capital. There we accommodated in the nice and comfortable hotel. The hunt started next morning. I and two guides drove to the mountains. The density of animal population is quite high there and I could see lots of chamois but all of them were far. We couldn’t approach closer than 800m. Once I wanted to shoot from 500m but the guide advised to come closer. We were creeping to the herd when suddenly the male of chamois appeared just in front of us. The guide said me to fire and I did it. It was the old enough male which got the Bronze level. I was really pleased by that hunt and people there. The used rifle - Blaser R93, cal. – 300 Win Mag, cartridge – Norma TSX.

Hunting for the Mountain Goat of Timur Tleulin from Kazakhstan on August, 30th, 202

It was my first trophy. I took it from the first shot. The shooting distance was 548m and the altitude 2981masl. We spent two days hiking the mountains. The first day we checked the surroundings and the second one we spent looking for the males. At last we found the group of males and I got the biggest one.

Hunting for the Mid-Caucasian Tur

We opened the hunting season by the hunt for the Mid Caucasian Tur. I hunted with my son. We were lucky with weather; it was well all the trip. It was frost and snow but only on the height. In the morning we could detect the group of males. There were 7 trophy size males and 3 of them were really nice. But the one was even bigger, had dark color and its horns looked great. We tried to approach it but the distance was more than 600m and the group moved to the day rest place. We had to wait. Then my guide and I crawled to the place from where I could shoot. The distance was 520m, I did all calculations and prepared. The male, I liked, moved to us but still didn’t want to turn sideways. It came to 450 m and I fired. The shot was done from 300WM at the angle 11 degrees. I hit and the male stood on the place. It was nice 14 years old male with 84-83 horns. Thank you, my guides, for their professionalism and for my hunting luck which made me happy at that day.

Beceite Ibex

It was a very comfortable European hunt. All transfer were by car and I even could choose the trophy using the scope. Though snow fell the day before and it was strong wind it didn’t prevent us from getting the trophy. I shot on 80 m from the top and used the rented gun, don’t know the name, with the exotic caliber 257 weatherby mag.

Hunting for the Yakutsk Snow Sheep

The Yakutsk Snow Sheep. I got it at the beginning of August, 2020 by the first shot. The shooting distance was 200m. The rifle- Tikka T3, cal. 300 WinMag. The place of hunt-Tomponsky district Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Hunting for the Mid-Caucasian Tur

At the beginning of August, I hunted in my friend’s hunting land in Karachay-Cherkessia. In early morning we climbed to the altitude 3000masl. After we reached the top I detected the group of males, grazed lower than we were. So, we had to go down 300m. The animals moved to the forest part of the mountain for a day rest. We had to wait for them and it took about 2 hours. Then I noticed a big male in 300m. I got that nice, 12 years old trophy by the first shot.

Hunting for the Okhotsk Snow Sheep

I hunted in the upper Kananga river, Omsukchan district in Magadan and got the sheep from the first shot. The shooting distance was 250m. The trophy was 13 years old male.