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This country holds the smallest subspecies of Argali – the Severtzov Argali (Ovis ammon severtzovi). There’s also a population of Astor Markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri). However, hunting in Uzbekistan is virtually non-existent.
Бухарский винторогий козёл (Capra falconeri heptneri), включая узбекского винторогого козла

Bukhara Markhor (Capra falconeri heptneri) including Uzbek Markhor

Capra falconeri heptneri Russian Бухарский мархур в том числе узбекский мархур; English Bukhara (Bokhara) Markhor, aka Tajik Markhor ; German Buchara-Schraubenziege; French Markhor de Bokhara; Spanish Marjor de Bujara IUCN Red List Endangered C1+2a(i), Valdez 2008. Turkmenistan Red Data Book Endangered CITES Appendix I USF&WS Not listed EU Annex A to Council ...
Самец кызылкумского архара, Кызылкумский заповедник Хаят-сай, июнь 2000 года. Фото: © Елена Крейцберг-Мухина

Nura Tau Argali (Ovis ammon severtzovi)

Nura Tau argali are mostly restricted to the higher mountains of the northern slopes of the Nura Tau Range in Uzbekistan, primarily within the Nuratinski (Nura Tau) Strictly Protected Area. In the eastern Nura Tau Mountains, the Aktau and Koitash mountains which are ...
Самец закаспийского уриала в национальном парке Тандурех, Иран. Фото: © Сейед Бабак Мусави

Transcaspian Urial (Ovis vignei arkal)

The large Iranian Transcaspian urial population occurs in the eastern parts of the Alborz and throughout the Kopet Dagh Mountains along the border with Turkmenistan, as well as in the Heidary, Binalood and Hezr-masied mountain ranges. In southwestern Kazakhstan, northwestern Turkmenistan and northwestern ...
Самец закаспийского уриала в национальном парке Тандурех, Иран. Фото: © Сейед Бабак Мусави

Bukhara Urial (Ovis vignei bocharensis)

The Pyanj Karatau and Khozratisho ranges, which extend to the Pyanj River, seem to be the areas with some Bukhara urial populations in Tajikistan. It also occurs in the Hazratishoh and Davraz mountain ranges along and across the Afghanistan border and possibly also ...