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  • Karaganda Argali (Ovis ammon collium) (in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan)
  • Kara Tau Argali (Ovis ammon nigrimontana) (in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan)
  • Tian Shan Argali (Ovis ammon karelini) (in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan)
  • Sair Argali (Ovis ammon sairensis) (in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan)
  • Altay Argali (Ovis ammon ammon) (in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan)


  • Altay Ibex (Capra sibirica sibirica)
  • Mid-Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana)
  • Dzungarian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana)
Алтайский горный козел (Capra sibirica sibirica), включая экотипы Российского Алтая, Казахского Алтая, Саян, а также интродуцированного азиатского горного козла (Нью-Мексико)

Altai Ibex (Capra sibirica sibirica) including Russian Altai, Irtysh Altai and Sayan Ecotypes, and introduced Asian Ibex (New Mexico)

Capra sibirica sibirica Russian Алтайский горный козел; English Altai Ibex aka Siberian Ibex; German Altai Steinbock; French Bouquetin del Altai; Spanish Íbice del Altai; Chinese 阿尔泰北山羊 ā;ē ěr tài běi shān yang; 西伯利亚北山羊, xī bó lì yà běi shān yáng IUCN Red List Least Concern, ...
Среднеазиатский горный козёл (Capra sibirica alaiana)

Central Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana) including Kyrgyz Alatau, Dzungharian Alatau, Western Tian Shan and Trans-Alai Ecotypes

Capra sibirica alaiana Russian Центрально-Азиатский горный козел; English Central Asian Ibex, aka Tian Shan or Mid Asian Ibex; German Zentralasiatischer Steinbock, Tian Shan Steinbock; French Bouquetin de l’Asie Central, Bouquetin de Tian Shan; Spanish Ibice de Asia Central, Ibice del Tian Shan; Chinese 天山北山羊, ...
Взрослый самец алтайского архара. Фото: © Крис Вивер

Altai Argali (Ovis ammon ammon)

The stronghold of these sheep is the High Altai Mountains of western Mongolia in Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd aimags. The southwestern populations are connected to small argali populations of the Chinese Altai from Qinghe towards the Ukok Plateau where the borders of Russia, ...
Группа казахстанских архаров в Каркаралинском национальном парке. Фото: Открытый источник

Karaganda Argali (Ovis ammon collium)

The Karaganda (Qaraghandy) argali occupies lower, more arid country at the northwestern range limit of the argali distribution range. The distribution range lies principally in the uplands to the north and west of Lake Balkash in the Kazakh provinces of Akmola, Pavlodar, Eastern ...
Саурский архар. Фото: © Рон Кэри

Sair Argali (Ovis ammon sairensis)

The Sair argali occupies the mountains and hill regions along and across the Sino-Kazakh border more or less from the transboundary Tarbagatay Mountains south of the Irtysh River and Lake Zaysan, and through the namesake Sair (Saur) Mountain region north of the Dzungarian ...
Самцы джунгарского архара. Фото: © Александр Бербер

Dzungarian Argali (Ovis ammon littledalei)

The exact range of the Dzungarian argali phenotype is somewhat ambiguous. We provisionally suggest that the main distribution range lies within China’s Xinjiang Uyghur AR (Bortala Mongol, Changji Hui and Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefectures), encompasses the entire Borohoro Shan and extends into the ...
Тяньшанский архар, добытый Кермитом Рузвельтом на р. Текес, 1925 г. Фото: Кермит Рузвельт

Tian Shan Argali (Ovis ammon karelini)

The length of the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan is the southern range boundary. Continuing that line towards the east, it appears that the upper reaches of the Aksu River at the border between Kyrgyzstan and China, the Kok-Shal-Tau range northeast of Pik Dankova ...
Взрослые самцы и самка каратауских архаров. Фото: © Александр Бербер

Kara Tau Argali (Ovis ammon nigrimontana)

The Kara Tau argali is endemic to Kazakhstan. Its range is restricted to the western part of the 420 km (262 mi.) long Kara Tau Range (Black Mountains) of Kazakhstan at about 44⁰N, 68⁰E. The Kara Tau Nature Reserve is in the central ...
Самец закаспийского уриала в национальном парке Тандурех, Иран. Фото: © Сейед Бабак Мусави

Transcaspian Urial (Ovis vignei arkal)

The large Iranian Transcaspian urial population occurs in the eastern parts of the Alborz and throughout the Kopet Dagh Mountains along the border with Turkmenistan, as well as in the Heidary, Binalood and Hezr-masied mountain ranges. In southwestern Kazakhstan, northwestern Turkmenistan and northwestern ...